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D. disingenuous thoughtless placid genuine 149. welter is most opposite to a. b. c. d. 144. gainsay is most opposite to a. b. c. d. regret own prudent prude order freeze patron sustain 150. eclat is most opposite to 145. effluvium is most opposite to a. b. c. d. land essential fragrance solid 28 a. b. c. d. apathy dullness silence disinterest 501 Synonym & Antonym Questions Answers 111. a. to detain means to hold or keep back; to release means to let go 112. c. famous means widely known; obscure means little known 113.

D. 211. mite lavish unfavorable light devout a. b. c. d. 206. insipid a. b. c. d. cold brave exciting bashful a. b. c. d. sober spendthrift mute miser a. b. c. d. sage elevated possess dismiss 214. specious Celsius inordinate lukewarm safely a. b. c. d. 209. nebulous a. b. c. d. nocturnal special despicable hellish 213. reprobate 208. temperate a. b. c. d. weakness tend bulk drive 212. supernal 207. wastrel a. b. c. d. clumsy left diplomatic unpersuasive genuine logical common deliberate 215. effete cloudy dim distinct desirable a.

Querulous is most similar to cakewalk serpentine evil dishonest a. b. c. d.

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