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Данный словарь - переиздание в СССР словаря, впервые выпущенного в 1986 г. издательством "Джон Бенджамине Паблишинг Компани" (Амстердам-Филадельфия). Это первый большой словарь словосочетаний современного английского языка. Словарь содержит около 14 тыс. слов и более seventy five тыс. грамматических и лексических словосочетаний английского языка.

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Pretentious (pri· ten·shu˘s) adj. showy, pompous, putting on airs. Hannah thinks that being pretentious will make people like her, but she is sorely mistaken. 20 501 Vocabulary Questions puerile ( pyoo·e˘·r˘l) adj. 1. childish, immature. 2. suitable only for children; belonging to or of childhood. Andrew is a remarkably successful businessman for someone so puerile. punctilious (pun k· til·i·u˘s) adj. very conscientious and precise; paying great attention to details or trivialities, especially in regard to etiquette.

79. To mete is to distribute, allot, or apportion. 80. A moot issue is something that is debatable or undecided. Note: The phrase moot point has come to mean a point not worth discussing because it has no value or relevance. This is a nonstandard use of the word, but one that has come to be accepted. Be sure your meaning is clear when you use this word. 33 5 Lights, Camera, Action—Vivid Verbs Have you ever been upbraided or stultified? The 20 verbs in this chapter describe actions that are powerful or invoke vivid images.

People are drawn to her because of her sanguine and pleasant nature. saturnine ( sat·u˘r·n¯n) adj. gloomy, dark, or sullen. The saturnine child sulked for hours. surly ( sur·lee) adj. bad-tempered, gruff, or unfriendly in a way that suggests menace. Emily received a surly greeting from the normally cheerful receptionist. 21 501 Vocabulary Questions Choose the answer that is the best response for each question below. If you do not own this book, please write your answers on a separate piece of paper.

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