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5: Overwriting the vptr 9 for (i=0;i

These permissions are what we are interested in. To be able to manage non-executable memory pages, PaX implementation creates a system of states in the TLBs. A state is defined by two permissions: execution and read/write permissions. Each permission may be granted to supervisor or user mode, or to none. This makes nine possible states. Six states are considered as good, and are all but the ones violating the non-executability of a page. This means that the three states allowing execution of user mode code are considered as bad.

2 Shellcode attack detection From a remote machine, we send to the host running Prelude an UDP packet to an arbitrary port, containing in its data field only NOP bytes (110 bytes in our example). 100 The first alert is the detected UDP packet, and the second one is the ICMP error message (Destination unreachable, port unreachable), which also contains the NOP bytes. This way, Prelude has detected an attempt to use shellcode on our machine according to the principle we have mentionned earlier. More than 60 NOP bytes have been detected (60 is the default threshold), so an alert is raised for both packets.

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