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By J. R. Clark-Hall

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The dictionary is beneficial if the phrases you're looking for are indexed. I remember that to have a dictionary of each model of the previous english language isn't possible yet why checklist a be aware with a "see [such and one of these word]" if the observe you try to determine isn't indexed?

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Solomon, we are told, once tamed an Afrit, and made it submissive to his will. Aft The hinder part of a ship. Fore and Aft. The entire length (of a ship), from stem to stern. After—cast A throw of dice after the game is ended; anything done too late. ” Gower. After—clap Beware of after—claps. An after—clap is a catastrophe or threat after an affair is supposed to be over. It is very common in thunderstorms to hear a “clap” after the rain subsides, and the clouds break. ” Butler: Hudibras, Pt. i.

Adonis of 50 Leigh Hunt was sent to prison for applying this term to George IV when Regent. Adonis Flower (The) according to Blon, is the rose; Pliny (i. 23) says it is the anemone; others say it is the field, poppy, certainly the prince of weeds; but what we now generally mean by the Adonis flower is pheasant's eye, called in French goute—de—sang, because in fable it sprang from the blood of the gored hunter. ) — Bion: Elegy on Adonis. See also Ovid: Metamorphoses, Bk. ) Adonis Garden or A garden of Adonis (Greek).

Adolpha Daughter of General Kleiner, governor of Prague and wife of Idenstein. ” — Knowles: Maid of Mariendorpt (1838). Adonai Son of the star—beam and god of light among the Rosicru cians. ) The song about Adonis; Shelley's elegy on Keats is so called. See Bion's Lament for Adonis. Adonies Feasts of Adonis, celebrated in Assyria, Alexandria, Egypt, Judea, Persia, Cyprus, and all Greece, for eight days. Lucian gives a long description of them. In these feasts wheat, flowers, herbs, fruits, and branches of trees were carried in procession, and thrown into the sea or some fountain.

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