New PDF release: A Concise Dictionary of the Bini Language of Southern

By Hans Joachim Melzian

Edo, also known as Bini, is the language spoken by way of a few million humans in and round Benin urban in Nigeria. it's the lanuage of the previous Benin nation, well-known for its artwork.

There exist Edo-English dictionaries: this publication and

* Agheysi, Rebecca N. - An Edo-English Dictionary, 1986.

Other usefull books in LG for the coed of the Edo language are:

* Osayomwanbo Osemwegie Ero - Egirama Edo Nogbae (Intensive Edo Grammar), 2003
* Egharevba, Jacob - Itan Edagbon Mwen, 1972
* Ebohon, Osemwegie - Agbon-izeloghomwan Kevbe Ehengbuda, 1974

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Trans. sg. VIII 106, A IX 96. 4. Ssg. Ssg. 1110, A I 108, C V 126; abs. gives orders C XI 43. 5. Ssg. 3sg. sg. Ssg. pl 20 bidde(n) - bigynne(n) Glossary XIV 213, A VI 11, C XVI 54; ~ ne bihynde anywhere XV 153; byhynde or ~ behind his back or to his face C VI 117. 2. of time already VI 242, A VII 226; in advance, beforehand XIV 139, XV 320, 360, C III 303, IV 21; earlier V 9, A V 10, C V 109; longe ~ since long ago XIX/XXI 55. 3. ofdeg. putte ~ preferred XI 254, C XII 141; as adj. w. copula prominent XX/XXII 288.

Pp. rheumy, watery V 190, A V 109, C VI 198. [OE *blerian] blereighed, blereyed(e) adj. w. watery eyes, bleary-eyed XVII 330, A VII 178, C XIX 310. ] blesse, blissen v. 1. be thankful (to) XII 187, C XIV 126; pp. thanked XIX/XXI 437. 2. lsg. Ssg. C XVIII 90. 3. Ssg. Ssg. XI 237, C XII 126; pp. Ssg. ordained XI 293, C XIII 107. 4. Ssg. wished blessings upon 25 blo(o)d - bon Glossary 205, XI 200, A III 192, C III 362, XX 419; kin XVIII 394(1), C XX 437(1). 3. descendants IX 139, A X 170, C XVII 58; gentel ~ men of good family C V 78.

OE btecere] bakkenv. clothe A XI 188. [fr. ] bakkes n. clothes, cloaks X 366, C XIII 72. [OEhec] baksteres n. baker-women, bakers of either sex Pr219, APr98. [OE becestre] baldeliche, baldly, baldere, baldore see BOLD. balen. 1. injury, harm IV 89, 93, XI 122, A IV 76, C IV 85, 88, XII 57. 2. pers. Wrong-Doer IV 92, A IV 80, C IV 89. 3. misfortune, distress XI 333, C XIII 141; harm A X 147. 4. torment (of damnation) XVIII 202, C XIII 22. [OE bealo] bale adj. dire, awful XVIII 35, C XX 34. [OE bealo] baleysn.

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