New PDF release: A Handbook of Eastern Han Sound Glosses

By W. South Coblin

ISBN-10: 9622012582

ISBN-13: 9789622012585

The middle of the paintings is a systematically prepared directory of 2,558 sound glosses and 345 Buddhist transcriptions. chinese language characters in each one access are provided with center chinese language and jap Han reconstructed kinds.

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It is perhaps possible that some of our anomolous pairings may ultimately reflect features of Ying's language which have thus far escaped detection, but it is difficult to believe that every one of them could be explainable in this way. One is drawn inevitably to the conclusion that something other than Bodman's matching of "total phonemic structure" has occurred here. In my view it is very likely that many of these examples represent riming pairs and that this sort of sound similarity was an acceptable if less common criterion for the construction of paranomastic glosses.

9 There is no evidence at all for reconstructing *gl- in BTD. Consequently, in this respect BTD resembles the languages of the Three Kingdoms and WJ periods rather than the EH gloss dialects (cf. Yu 1979:14; Coblin 1974-5: 306). 5 MC ts, tsh, dz, s, z For the gloss dialects MC ts-, tsh-,dz-, and s- can in most cases be projected back to the EH period unchanged. g. 10 I tentatively posit EH *rj- for 164a "a bank where the water is deep" on the grounds that it may be etymologically related to W (**hrj9m > sjam) "deep" (cf.

4. Sanskrit intervocalic p sometimes became -v- in the Prakrits (Pischel 1900:147, section 199;Woolner 1928:14; Burrow 1937:8;Brough 1962:87). In a number of cases Skt. -p- is rendered by MC yw-, jw-, and jiw- in BTD. These initials are regularly used to transcribe Skt. g. i 253 fPlra 291 3S$§Hfir 344 It^f kjalajwBt ka gJBn: dajwBt gjan pwajiaTwa diei zja 7wa Ijwan Iwankja jiwi la jwaika jiwi jwai- Skt. kulapati Skt. gandhavatl Skt. prajapati Skt. varuna Skt. vipasyin 5. In GandharT earlier intervocalic dh (< -dh-, -th-) is thought to have developed to [z] through the intermediate stage of [8] (Brough 1962:94).

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