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V. )". Inanna's temple complex in the city of LagaS (Gazetteer, n. 505). ki-tug-akkil-16 (18 ii 9): "Abode of Lamentation". $ulSagana's shrine at ~ i r s u(in the Cninnu? - Gazetteer, n. 618). e. "Chosen House" NanSe's temple in the city of LagaS (Gazetteer, n. 1022). I I I I t I 1 YEAR NAMES r For the year names in the Ur I11 administrative texts, see the references in M. Sigrist and T. Gomi, The Comprehensive Catalogue of Published Ur I11 Tablets (Bethesda [MD] 1991). The variant writings of the individual year names are listed in N.

Si-ma-numfi (38:51): A city locted near modem Mardin in south-eastem Turkey; it was ' s year. destroyed during ~ u ~ i nthird kar-silim-ma (28: 19): "Quay of Well-being"; located at Zimbir. kar-za-gin (24 iii 6): "Lapis-lazuli Quay" or "Pure Quay"; located at kA-sur-ra. kar-zi-da (27: 15): 'The True Quay". At Ur, the location of the dip= where Nanna's enpriestess lived. ki-en-gi(-r) ("kegir): "Native Land". The Sumerian name for their land (see C. ; P. Steinkeller, HANEIS 5, 112, note 9; H. Mitt.

Bauer, AfO 4014 1 [I9931 941 95; for a reading bi--18, to spread smoke, see J. A. U. g- ... -a--gi(-n) [37:11; 38:29]; see J. Krecher, ZA 69 [I9791 1-3) chief oil-maker (see P. Steinkeller, FAOS 17,200, and (ka-)Sakan below) see dumu-R gate strong; mighty land (specifically, Sumer) to overturn; to change (29:7) quay see hga-R--s&(-g) beer (fermented barley); alcoholic beverage (see CAD 3111,428, discussion section) dark beer light beer (see M. ) see dbr-R to bind (see A. CavigneauxIF. Al-Rawi, ZA 85 [I9951 36, note 8) I1 88 (~6--)k6l(-d?

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