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By James R. Shott

ISBN-10: 0585271046

ISBN-13: 9780585271040

ISBN-10: 0836190300

ISBN-13: 9780836190304

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The ridge where the ravine rose to disappear into a canyon was filled with David's men, and they parted now as a new group of young men pushed through them. One seemed to be the leader. He was squat, curly-haired, and bearded, with bushy black eyebrows. "David," he spoke boldly in guttural tones. " David had turned to look up at the man on the ridge. " The man called Joab stepped aside to let the newcomer approach. Page 22 Abigail gasped. It was Hezro, her servant! The young man walked confidently forward.

Now the silence began. Abigail was unprepared for the onslaught of silence. The contrast to the raucous wailing was so intense, she was startled to find new and disturbing thoughts assailing her. What would she do now? What about the kinsman Jehallelel, or any other relative who should be here to make decisions on Kenaz's affairs? Who would inherit? Who would supervise the estate? And most disturbing of all: who would marry her? Custom said the nearest relative should marry the widow. No, more than custom said this; the law of Moses required it.

He strode forward, took her arm, and marched with her down the ravine. Thirty paces. Then, out of hearing range from his men, he turned to Abigail. Page 24 "Speak, my lady.  . " Although she had planned what to say to him, she was still caught off guard. There was something disconcerting about this man who stood before her, looking at her so intensely. He was so handsomebut that wasn't what bothered her. She had dealt with good-looking men before, and it had not affected her as much as this man did.

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