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In many Women who postpone marriage are likely to receive more education. 100 Married by 20 Married after 20 countries women 80 need their husband’s permission to buy or 60 sell property, to travel outside the coun- 40 try or to take up 25 72 18 63 32 72 61 84 28 62 14 40 39 66 Colombia Jordan 54 84 Thailand Pakistan 9 34 China 79 90 Egypt 8 34 Kenya 15 64 Guatemala 27 77 Nigeria some countries, Cameroon 20 employment. In 65 96 70 92 74 89 their husbands and France United States Japan Philippines ered legal property of Mexico women are consid- Indonesia 0 Source: The Allan Guttmacher Institute.

Sex tourists’ deliberately travel abroad to have sex with children. Some companies cater specifically to men seeking young girls and boys. Children can even be delivered to a condominium and be part of the deal of a vacation or stay. • Some poor families sell their daughters to the sex industry in order to supplement household income. According to a study in Thailand, 50% of prostitutes entered the sex industry because of their parents’ financial need. • In West Africa, tens of thousands of children of destitute families are reportedly sent as domestic workers to the Middle East each year, many of them ending up sexually exploited.

During the pre-trial period, which can last more than a year, juveniles may be placed with adults, held in unhealthy cells – which lack supervision by trained staff – and denied educational or recreational activities. ” • In Kyrgyzstan, boys charged with ‘serious’ offences, including minor property offences, are detained in a wing of the youth penal colony for an average of six months where they are allowed just one hour of daily exercise and have no access to education or family visits. 30 • A 1995 survey of secondary school-age children in the institutions of the Ukrainian Ministry of the Interior found that 50% reported unwanted sexual contact and up to 30% reported having been raped.

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