Amino Acids, Peptides and Proteins (SPR Amino Acids, by R. C. Sheppard PDF

By R. C. Sheppard

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ISBN-13: 9780851860947

Expert Periodical stories offer systematic and targeted evaluation insurance of growth within the significant parts of chemical study. Written through specialists of their expert fields the sequence creates a distinct provider for the energetic learn chemist, offering commonplace serious in-depth money owed of development specifically components of chemistry.

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1977,82, 250. s73 J. R. Cronin and P. E. Hare, Analyt. , 1977, 81, 151. 274 Several papers have appeared 275 advocating the use of 4-NN-dimethylaminonaphthylazo benzene-4'-isothiocyanate as a colour reagent for amino-acids, giving purple arylthiohydantoins. Oxidation and reduction of amino-acids are represented in a number of analytical applications (see Section 6 ) and in reports of the oxidation of amino-acids to CO, and nitriles (unsuitable for analytical use, since results are not reproducible within 4 5%),276 and the electrochemical 277 and hydride reduction of aminoacids.

Letters, 1977, 75, 41. C. SOOHOO, J. A. Lawson, and J. I. De Graw, J. Labelled Comp. , 1977, 13,97. C. H. Misra and J. W. Olney, J. Labelled Cornp. , 1977, 13, 137. P. Gielow, Internat. J. Appl. Radiation Isotopes, 1977, 28, 326. Amino-acids 17 D-enantiomer from solutions of DL-amino-acid derivatives by ( -)-quartz 175 show that a protonated amino-group favours adsorption and enhances the enantioselectivity. While the objective of this study is related to possible mechanisms for the predominance of L-amino-acids in life processes, other adsorbents are far more effective for routine resolution of amino-acids.

M. Close, G. W. Fouse, and W. A. Bernhard, J. Chem. , 1977,66,1534; A. Menegishi, J . Phys. , 1977,81, 1688. 238 J. H. Hadley and W. Gordy, Proc. Nut. Acad. Sci. , 1977, 74, 216. 39 T. Ohta, and M. Namiki, J. Agric. , 1977, 25, 1282. 2 4 0 M. H. Abraham, E. Ah-Sing, R. E. Marks, R. A. Schulz, and B. C. S. Faraday Trans. I, 1977,73, 181. 241 N. N. Song, R. Sabbah, and M. Lafitte, Thermochim. Acta, 1977, 20, 371. 242 J. W. Larson, W. S. Plymale, and A. F. Joseph, J. Phys. , 1977, 81, 2074. 245 Studies of possible relevance to primordial events have identified the site of adsorption of amino-dicarboxylic acids (aspartic acid, glutamic, a-aminopimelic, and a-aminoadipic acids) to hydroxylapatite as the a-carboxy group ; L-arginine is adsorbed if the solid is pre-treated with phosphate Activated charcoal scarcely adsorbs amino-acids from aqueous solutions, with the notable exceptions of tryptophan, phenylalanine, and m e t h i ~ n i n e .

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