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By Carl 1851-1922 Lumholtz

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In 1880 the Norwegian ethnologist, zoologist and explorer Carl Lumholtz launched into an excursion to Australia, with the aim of watching the existence and customs of the Australian Aborigines. This booklet makes a speciality of his reviews whereas residing for a 12 months with a group in Queensland that had by no means formerly come into touch with white humans. 'Not in simple terms are a few of the Australian Aborigines cannibals', says Lumholtz, 'but lots of the tribes haven't but emerged from the Stone Age within the historical past in their development'. He is going on brilliantly to rfile a posh and interesting society. Containing certain maps to demonstrate the explorer's travels and lots of photos, the ebook additionally contains informative appendices outlining Australian background, geology, natural world. First released in 1889, Lumholtz's vintage account of the occasions and practices he witnessed keeps the facility to surprise, train and entertain the trendy reader.

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As a rule, they are well educated, and keep abreast of the times, but still their administration of affairs has not always been successful. The economical condition of the labouring classes in Melbourne is excellent, but they are rather fond of intoxicating drinks. I am able to give an example, showing how the people of Australia keep themselves informed on public questions. I once spoke to a labourer whom I met on the street in Melbourne, and as he noticed that I was a stranger, he asked me where my home was.

One of the sheep-owners told me that in the course of eighteen months he had killed 64,000 of these animals, especially wallabies (Macropus dorsalis) and kangaroo-rats {Lagordiestes conspicillatus), and also many thousands of the larger kangaroo {Macropus giganteus). The bodies of these animals are left to lie and rot, for none but the natives will eat the flesh ; and although the skin of the large kangaroo can be tanned into an excellent leather, still it does not pay to skin the animal so far away from the coast.

When the animals came near enough he shot them. In the winter I made an excursion to Calliungal, where the inhabitants were surprised that I suffered so much from the cold. " It was so cold in the nights that the pools were frozen over, while the day was comparatively hot. On account of the cold nights I, who was unaccustomed to this climate, found it difficult to get woollen blankets enough for my bed. In the Dee river, which flows by Calliungal, I observed several times the remarkable Platypus {Ornithorhynchus anatinus) swimming rapidly about after the small water insects and vegetable particles which constitute its food.

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