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By Oscar Wilde

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This version is written in English. despite the fact that, there's a working Korean word list on the backside of every web page for the tougher English phrases highlighted within the textual content. there are various variations of a terrific Husband. This version will be invaluable when you woul

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Compromise? Robert, why do you talk so differently to-night from the way I have always heard you talk? Why are you changed? SIR ROBERT CHILTERN. I am not changed. But circumstances alter things. LADY CHILTERN. Circumstances should never alter principles! SIR ROBERT CHILTERN. But if I told you LADY CHILTERN. What? SIR ROBERT CHILTERN. That it was necessary, vitally necessary? LADY CHILTERN. It can never be necessary to do what is not honourable. Or if it be necessary, then what is it that I have loved!

Incapable: 무능한, 무력한, 허용하지 않는, 할수 없는, 자격이 없는, 자격 없는, 을 못하는, 에 견딜 수 없는, 불가능한, 무자격자, 무능자. lure: 매력, 유혹, 미끼, 유혹하다, 불러들이다, 미끼새, 매를 불러들이다, 매혹. mistaken: 잘못된, 판단이 잘못된. stupid: 어리석은, 고집센, 무감각한, 멍청한, 시시한, 바보. toils: 짐승을 잡는 그물. unpleasant: 불쾌한, 불유쾌한, 심술궂은. uphold: 받치다, 시인하다, 확인하다, 후원하다, 고무하다, 단언하다, 들어 올리다, 유지하다, 지지하다. upright: 올바른, 똑바로, 골포스트, 곧게선, 곧은, 곧추 서서, 수직, 정직한, 직립, 곧은 물건, 똑바로 선. 38 An Ideal Husband SIR %ROBERT CHILTERN. My dear Arthur, you are not going? Do stop a little! LORD GORING. Afraid I can't, thanks.

SIR ROBERT CHILTERN. You must let me have time to consider your proposal. MRS. CHEVELEY. No; you must settle now! SIR ROBERT CHILTERN. Give me a week - three days! MRS. CHEVELEY. Impossible! I have got to telegraph to Vienna to- night. SIR ROBERT CHILTERN. My God! what brought you into my life? MRS. CHEVELEY. Circumstances. ] SIR ROBERT CHILTERN. Don't go. I consent. The report shall be withdrawn. I will arrange for a question to be put to me on the subject. MRS. CHEVELEY. Thank you. I knew we should come to an amicable agreement.

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