New PDF release: An introduction to human evolution

By Deon Liles

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This publication presents an Introductory method of Human Evolution.

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By 2010, however, detailed DNA sequencing of the neanderthal specimens from Europe indicated that the contribution was nonzero, with neanderthals sharing 1-4% more genetic variants with living nonafricans than with living humans in subsaharan Africa, supporting regional continuity outside of Africa. In late 2010, a recently discovered nonneanderthal archaic human, the denisova hominin from southern siberia, was found to share 4-6% of its genome with living melanesian humans and with no other living group, supporting lateral gene transfer between two regions outside of Africa.

The former are repeats of sequences less than about 5 base pairs in length, while the latter involve longer blocks. History and geographic distribution Map of the migration of modern humans out of Africa, based on mitochondrial DNA. Colored rings indicate thousand years before present. A 10-year study published in April 2009 analyzed the patterns of variation at 1,327 DNA markers of 121 African populations, 4 African American populations and 60 non-African populations. The research showed that there is more human genetic diversity in Africa than anywhere else on Earth.

7-Mbp 17q12. In the sample of 8 gnomes from worldwide sample including Yuruba Kidd&al group found 4 million SNPs and 796,273 small indels (1−100 bp in size); 15 large regions of excess nucleotide variation 500 kbp to 3 Mbp. Two of variable sites are described detailed above.  Microcephalin D allele introgressed into the modern human gene pool points to the Neanderthal lineage as possible source and compelling evidence of admixture among the human loci. Proponents of the multiregional hypothesis show genetic sequences of several loci in the human genome with million year old genealogy.

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