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By Harvey M Deitel; Barbara Deitel

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Within the fall of 1999, i used to be requested to coach a path on computing device intrusion detection for the dep. of Mathematical Sciences of The Johns Hopkins collage. That direction was once the genesis of this booklet. I have been operating within the box for a number of years on the Naval floor conflict heart, in Dahlgren, Virginia, below the auspices of the SHADOW application, with a few investment through the place of work of Naval study.

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Wood used an electronic desk calculator, and Masturaki an abacus. Masturaki easily outperformed Wood. Napier's Bones In 1 6 1 5 the Scottish mathematician John Napier invented a computing device that facilitated the operations of multiplication and division. A series of sticks, which became known as Napier's Bones, The Evolution of Computers Bead al center counts 5 Bead al center counts 1 0 0 7 2 3 0 8 9 Figure 2 - 1 An abacus, the world's oldest known computing device. Here the number 7,230, 1 8 9 is represented.

UNIVAC I 10. supercomputers Discussion Questions 1 . What is the oldest known computing device and how does it pertain to modern-day computers ? 2. How did Pascal's arithmetic machine operate? What contemporary device is it similar to ? 3. List the key sections of Babbage's Analytical En­ gine and discuss their functions. 4. How is Herman Hollerith's work important to the evolution of computers? 5. Why is Boolean logic important to modern computing? Project fim A visit to the Computer Museum can provide more information about the evolution of computers.

M later these principles became the basis of the design of modern computers. 8. Using card tabulating equipment developed by Herman Hollerith, the Census Bureau com­ pleted the census of 1 8 90 in one-third the time it took for the census of 1 8 80 . Hollerith formed the Tabulating Machine Company in 1 8 96, which eventually became International Business Machines Corporation (IBM) in 1 924. 9. James Powers designed a simultaneous punch­ ing machine that allowed an operator to cor­ rect errors before typed data was actually punched onto cards.

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