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By Professor S. A. Huggett, K. P. Tod

ISBN-10: 0521308798

ISBN-13: 9780521308793

This ebook is an advent to twistor conception and glossy geometrical techniques to space-time constitution on the graduate or complicated undergraduate point. it will likely be worthy additionally to the physicist as an creation to a couple of the maths that has proved necessary in those components, and to the mathematician for example of the place sheaf cohomology and complicated manifold conception can be utilized in physics.

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72) We now set, similar to our proceeding in the case of representations with positive mass Ψ(p) = Vs0 (Bp−1 )Φ(p) . 73) Ψ transforms as in the massive case (U (A)Ψ)(p) = Vs0 (A)Ψ(pΛ(A)) . 75) We thus obtain essentially the same description as in the massive case, with the difference that before the limit m → 0 the scalar product was multiplied by m2s . Thereby only the component with s3 = s survives in the limit. Similar constructions are possible for the case of negative helicities. 4. RELATIVISTIC WAVE EQUATIONS 41 There remain the representations with imaginary mass (“tachyons”) and those with negative energy and positive mass.

22) A = eθ/2 (1 + n · σ) + e−θ/2 (1 − n · σ) . 2 2 |n| = 1, θ ∈ R. Then Λ(A) is a Lorentz boost with velocity v = n tanh θ. The group multiplication in P c is given by (a1 , A1 )(a2 , A2 ) = (a1 + Λ(A1 )a2 , A1 A2 ) . 23) Besides of the map x → x we will use a further map from Minkowski ∼ space into the set of hermitean 2 × 2-matrices, x0 − x3 −x1 + ix2 −x1 − ix2 x0 + x3 ∼ x → x = x0 1 − x · σ = It holds . 24) ∼ Λ(A)x = (A∗ )−1 xA−1 . 26) 2. Poincar´ e symmetry in quantum mechanics We assume that the states of a relativistic particle can be described ˆ of some Hilbert space H, by the rays (one dimensional subspaces) Φ ˆ = {λΦ, λ ∈ C} , Φ ∈ H , Φ = 0 .

23) The equation remains meaningful in the massless case. In this case ψ decomposes into the two chiral components ϕ and χ which satisfy the Weyl equations ∼ ∂ϕ = 0 , ∂ χ = 0 . 24) While ϕ transforms under Lorentz transformations according to the defining representation A → A of SL(2, C), for χ one gets (U (A)χ)(x) = (A∗ )−1 χ(Λ(A)−1 x) . 25) The Dirac spinor ψ transforms therefore according to the reducible representation A 0 A→ . 26) ∗ −1 0 (A ) CHAPTER III Free fields and Feynman diagrams 1.

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