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Should their fighting fury be needed, there are other means to rouse them. By magic, the Zhentarim learn of any famous or respected elders of the tribe who have died, and use their magic again to send images of these dead by night to speak to the tribesmen and convince them that it is right to follow the way of the Black Robes. When the tribe is loyal to them, the Zhentarim move on to the next one. At the same time, the Zhentarim hire armies of over three thousand man-eating, desertdwelling laertis (detailed in the “Monsters of Anauroch” chapter of this book), and promise them protection by day against any Bedine who try to avenge fellows whom the laertis ate or slew at night (the laertis must hide from the sun during the day).

All four types of desert dunes can be found in the Sword: “waves” (transverse), “troughs” (longitudinal), “crescents” (barchan), and “star” dunes. Transverse dunes are wavelike ridges, formed by moderate winds blowing always in the same direction. These winds move only light sand; the heavier grains swirl aside in eddies, forming ridges across the direction of the blowing wind. Longitudinal dunes form when stronger one-way winds are present. They move heavier sand, cutting long troughs (parallel to the wind direction) through the transverse ridges.

Buried Tubers are a valuable regular foodsource for Bedine and other desert animals intelligent enough (and physically suited) to dig for them. These can grow as large as two men’s heads, and hold much water (life-savers in times of drought). On the surface, these plants are found by their grassy stems (which flower during rains), and tend to grow in a line, following the shape of the buried root beneath. The roots tend to be brown or golden-brown in hue, knobbly, and grow in a long, roughly straight cylindrical shape.

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