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It provides consciousness of Oneness with the Divine. It brings spiritual powers and wisdom. It increases the functions of the pineal gland and of the solar plexus. Time of the year: May 6 through May 28. Number: 7 Mantra: hag-all The Rune NOD NOD is the Rune of karma. In the Northern tradition, NOD is the Rune of the Norn, goddess of destiny. It is the Rune of karmic debts (the Norn SKULD), of karmic law, of karmic need. NOD signifies Divine justice that balances. "Hate" in the song refers to unresolved karma.

In other words, the Hammer of Thor can be projected to any interval in the space-time continuum of your universe. It can be developed into being your specific tool to break the selfimposed limitations of space-time. It symbolizes conscious action which is charged and energized by the other elements (wand, sword, and cup). Once energized, the Hammer of Thor will perform for you. Again, with repeated practice you will learn more and more about this most powerful tool of Runic ceremonials. Thor's Hammer is perhaps the best symbol of your conscious projection.

This type energy is in general produced within the context of a good ceremonial setting. A group of people who take part in the ceremonial can be extremely helpful. It is very important here that all participants want to contribute to the ceremonial. Likewise it is important that all participants receive some benefit from the ceremonial. A powerful alternative is to produce this emotional, or etheric, energy technically. The device for this purpose is the orgone generator, or Welz Chi generator.

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