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By Martha T. Roth

ISBN-10: 0918986400

ISBN-13: 9780918986405

Assyrian Dictionary of the Oriental Institute of the college of Chicago, quantity 17, S, half three edited by means of Martha T Roth xxxiv + 420p (Oriental Institute, 1992)

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Ba = kun-nu-[u4]) Antagal dupl. KAR 384:10 (SB Alu); [Summa ... surdc] ana pan ameli sa-dir-ma illak if a falcon regularly comes toward a man CT VIII 178. sa-da-rum = a-la-ku Izbu Comm. 544, see mng. 4b. ). 39 30:49b (SB Alu), cf. (in the direction of a man) ibid. 50; um tuppi ann&m ana ser belija 1. : adi 7-,i turammaku ta-sadir(var. -dar)-hum-ma iballut you bathe him seven times, you give (this treatment) to him regularly and he will get well AMT 70,7 ii 10, restoration and var. from dupl. Kocher BAM 122:15, cf.

DUG is not used with sdgu. sagbannu see sagbdnu. ; sagbanu disease); OB, SB; Sum. lw. (a (various diseases) §a-ag-ba-nu u Sa§ latu itu ziqqurrat(var. serret) Sam urduni - s. and the 'aatu disease came down from the udders of the sky JCS 9 8 A 8, cf. liballia .. a-ag-ba-na u 8alata ibid. cf. 8487:5, cf. air malkadu sagallu sagba(var. , var. na = sag-ba-nu (in group with rapddu and siddnu, followed by the group §alatu, malkadu, and §u'u) Erimhug I 265; gi-ir GfR = sag-ba-an-ni A VIII/2:242, cf. si-im-mu sag-[ba-nu // ...

2; KA§ La sa-bi-i tanaqqi KAR 144:24; if the sick man nina . ) and beer 2 from the tavern keeper Kiichler Beitr. pl. GAR Kraus Edikt § 16':14; ,e'am Sa ana sd-bi-ti-Su imtadad he iii 67, also ibid. pl. 14 i 2; note: KA§ se-bu-' ,aniam ... (in broken context, beside namzitu) BBR in lex. section. repaid the barley (profit) from your harvest to his creditor, and the other barley (that his mother told him to bring b' with ref. to working materials and equipment: bappir se-bi-e (among to you) he repaid to his 8.

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