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By Franck Bonnet, Mitton

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Ad imaginem te divinitatis similitudinemque forma, ut sis semper praeconio bonitatis ornatus. Oportet enim eum, qui cotidie de diis vel cum diis loquitur, animum suum ita formare atque instruere, ut ad imitationem divinitatis semper accedat (vol. 1, p. 8–13 Kroll–Skutsch). 102. Secerne te ab spectaculorum semper illecebris, ne quis te fautorem alicuius esse partis existimet; antistes enim deorum separatus et alienus esse debet a pravis illecebris voluptatum (vol. 1, p. 88 Kroll–Skutsch). 103. Dato operam, ut instituto ac proposito tuo bonorum institutum ac propositum vincas sacerdotum; antistitem enim Solis ac Lunae et ceterorum deorum, per quos terrena omnia gubernantur, sic oportet animum suum semper instruere, ut dignus esse tantis caerimoniis omnium hominum testimoniis comprobetur (vol.

9. Roger Beck, “Thus Spake Not Zarathustra: Zoroastrian Pseudepigrapha of the GrecoRoman World,” in Mary Boyce and Frantz Grenet, A History of Zoroastrianism, vol. 3 (Leiden, 1991), 497; Tamsyn Barton, Ancient Astrology (London, 1994), 103–04. g. trine versus square). 10. Festugière, Révélation, vol. 1, 90. ) 11. Bouché-Leclercq, 75. 12. , 74. According to Festugière, Révélation, vol. ” 13. Bouché-Leclercq, 73. 14. See Michael Lapidge, “Stoic Cosmology,” in The Stoics, ed. John M. Rist (Berkeley, 1978), 169–176 (the notion of πνευ^ μα applied to the cosmos as a whole).

Basile de Césarée: Homélies sur l’Hexaéméron (Paris, 1968; SC 26 bis), 65. 13. Amand, Fatalisme, 226 (a copyist theologian who takes good care not to cite his source, who follows his sources slavishly; frequent misunderstandings reveal his incompentence in the subject of astrology). On p. 226–227 Amand lists the parallels between Hippolytus, Refutation 4 and Sextus, Against the Astrologers 5. 14. Contra Éric Junod, ed. Origène: Philocalie 21–27: Sur le Libre Arbitre (Paris, 1976; SC 226), 45.

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