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Here she continued her life of spiritual aspiration through prolonged meditation and fasting, until at length she was guided to a Hindu Master who initiated her into the spiritual path. For nearly seventeen months following this initiation she imposed upon herself severe spiritual austerities in the seclusion of a mountain cave. At the age of thirty-seven she was guided to a Mohammedan Master who put an end to her spiritual struggles by freeing her from the illusion of separation from God. She knew, however, that a further adjustment in her consciousness had to take place.

The newcomer became instantly devoted to Merwan and later was one of his closest disciples. Merwan offered to teach him Persian. His parents were delighted, as this was the first concrete evidence of more normal functioning. To accelerate the process they got additional pupils for him to teach but he declined to accept them. He continued, however, to teach Behramji, and with very marked results, though Merwan at that time had little more than a fraction of his normal consciousness. He taught instinctively, not intellectually.

His eyes were deeper and blacker than I had ever before seen them and they seemed slightly crossed. They gave the impression of having been on a far journey of exploration into fathomless depths. During this amazing ten-hour trip to Boston Baba must have gone in and out of his body a dozen times. He explained to us later that there are constant calls on his inner counsel from all over the universe, often requiring of him urgent work of a nature which necessitates his presence elsewhere GARMENT OF FLESH AND BLOOD 29 for brief periods.

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