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By Louise A Bye; Neil C Modi; Miles Stanford

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The orbital septum is attached to the anterior surface of the aponeurotic fibres as a thickened band about 8 mm below Whitnall’s ligament and 3–4 mm above the tarsus. This inserts medially into the trochlea and laterally into the 1. 2. 3. 4. anterior surface of the upper lid tarsal plate posteriorly muscular fibres of orbicularis oculi anteriorly upper lid skin to form the skin crease superior conjunctival fornix. The nerve supply to the levator palpebrae superioris is by the superior branch of the oculomotor nerve.

4. 5. 6. 7. maxillary ethmoidal sphenoid lacrimal palatine. Anteriorly, the orbital rim (or margin) is quadrilateral in shape. The supraorbital margin is composed of the frontal bone. The supraorbital notch (or foramen) is located at Orbit and adnexa Optic tracts 25 Chapter 1 Anatomy Left eye Central vision Right eye Optic nerve (1) Optic chiasm (3) Lateral chiasm (2) Postchiasm(4) Meyer’s loop 1. Optic nerve 2. Lateral chiasm 3. Optic chiasm 4. Post chiasm Superior Lateral 5. radiation geniculate nucleus Inferior 6.

The main origin is the lateral CTR 2. a subsidiary arm is located outside and lateral to the CTR on the greater wing of sphenoid. The muscle moves forward in the lateral portion of the orbit before entering the Tenon’s capsule to insert behind the limbus as above. Relations Above—lacrimal nerve and artery. Below—floor of the orbit. Medially—the abducens nerve. ● ● The point of attachment is posterior to the equator and, when viewed from above, lies in the proximal lateral quadrant. The superior oblique achieves intorsion by acting in a direction 54° to the optical axis.

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