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By Marty Bergen

An outgrowth of his carrying on with column on bidding within the ACBL Bulletin.

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Over 1 + - Pass, with � 66 + 9 6, but - " % after 1 + - Dbl. Remember that partner will get another turn when the opponents intervene, whereas passing after 1 + - Pass, may result in part­ ner never getting a second chance. A smaller group of traditionalists uses 1 + - Dbl- 2 \:? (or similar) to be a "good" invitational hand, such as + 8 5 3 ':? K Q J 1 0 7 4 0 K 4 + 8 5, o r even a forcing hand, with another king. This can be indicated o n the con­ vention card. Since strong jump shifts are unlikely after an opponent's overcall, there is a trend toward the use of weak jump shifts over this form of competition.

Here is the schedule of rebids for opener after 1 NT- 2 \/ . 2+ two or three spades, any strength 2 NT four spades, 4 - 3 - 3 - 3 , maximum 3+ four or more spades, doubleton club, maximum 30 four or more spades, doubleton diamond, maximum 3 \/ four or more spades, doubleton heart, maximum 3+ four or more spades, non-maximum. Obviously, the same principles apply after 1 NT - 2 0 . By the way, does everyone know how to "retransfer" to arrange for opener to be declarer as intended, after opener has preaccepted?

This invitational bid preserves all your options, and, if partner is forced to pass , hopefully there will be eight tricks in notrump. Although the responder usually is in charge, opener must cooperate in order for the partnership to reach the correct final contract. He must analyze the sequence produced by his partner as to strength and distribution and decide whether his assistance is being requested. If the answer is yes, opener will then look at the strength and distribution in his own hand in order to take the correct action.

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