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It is time to allow the CATS out of the bag . . . interest may need killed the proverbial cat, yet with out it very actual achievements might by no means ensue. With this e-book as your advisor, you’ll the right way to spark your innate interest, pounce on difficulties in methods you by no means imagined, and luxuriate in larger luck and delight at work—and on your own existence.

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If you usually go out the back door, start going out the front door. • Park your car in a different spot in long-term airport parking. ) • End your evening meal with a prayer. • Try a different sequence in the morning. • Brush your teeth with the other hand. CHAPTER 3 | 27 • Wear your watch on the other wrist. Ask someone close to you to describe your most obvious routines. Change one of them for a couple days. How did that feel? How long do you think it would take to make a new routine feel comfortable?

The impact of these lives well lived will be seen in increased personal innovation, and because human beings populate organizations, their organizations will be described as more innovative and having a higher quality of work life. Let’s go through the Nine Lives: 1. CATS create an innovation friendly environ- ment. There is a constant conversation going on in most minds that must be quieted in order to provide the spaciousness needed for innovation. Clutter also takes the form of distractions of this crazy world that seems to generate new distractions daily.

How many e-mails do you receive each day? How many people with whom you work use the “Reply all” choice when sending an e-mail? Your answers to these and similar questions will start to identify the amount of clutter in your life. With the number of distractions in our lives, it is a wonder that we get anything done. Many innovators who have been asked where they first had the novel idea that led to their innovation have identified the shower or the car. These places historically have been places of relative calm where the mind is free of intense thought.

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