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Sir James had seven sons: his eldest, James, was heir to the estates and the baronetcy. He purchased a commission in the army for his second son, Alexander, who for many years held a lieutenant colonelcy in the Seventieth Regiment of Foot. The other five sons were all involved in the East India Company, although George initially looked elsewhere for his career and William became deeply committed only after he became a wealthy man in 1767, when the wife he had married seven years before unexpectedly inherited the fortune of her uncle, the earl of Bath.

Gage in fact was not willing to let Johnstone give orders to officers save in insignificant matters: No disputes should be had on account of such a Trifle as an orderly Serjeant or any thing of the kind, if at any time the Governor desires such a thing. 45 The game Johnstone was trying to play was in one comer of Gage's continental board. The trouble was that he had no pieces of his own and refused to recognize that the ones which existed belonged to Gage. As the man who had to cope with Pontiac, Gage's reluctance to share control over the troops was understandable, but the general was wrong to deny Johnstone's claims by reason of what was customary in other colonies.

Christopher had no harbor, he wrote an optimistic dispatch to the secretary ofstateP Thereafter the governor's progress was slow because of his justifiable insistence on being landed in Jamaica. The master ofthe Grampus, Thomas Fortune, had once overturned a boat there and refused to place himself within the jurisdiction of the Jamaican courts. Johnstone, however, considered it of the utmost importance to obtain a supply of rum to supplement his Indian presents. Without it the gifts would be ofno avail, he argued, and so he had Fortune land him at the east end of Morante Bay on either the thirteenth or fifteenth of August.

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