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By Fred Saberhagen

ISBN-10: 0812523563

ISBN-13: 9780812523560

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Now, you were a smith yourself. Regardless of whether weapons were ever your specialty, I take it that this sword was of such beauty that you must have realized it would be worth a lot of money even leaving aside any magical properties it may have had. " The man's face hardened at that. "Beg pardon, Your Grace. " "No? " "He said it was mine, sir. But until it came time for me to pass it to my sons. " "I'm curious, Jord. What did you think your son would do with it, when it came to him? " The Duke waited a little, but nothing more came.

Trade on both highways had somewhat diminished since the days of the castle's founding, but by now the family was into other games than simple robbery and the sale of insurance on life, health, and business. Rich wall hangings, in the family colors of blue and white, rippled silkily as a gentle breeze entered the chamber through the narrow windows let into its thick stone walls. In the Duke's father's day the women of the household had begun to insist upon some degree of interior elegance, and the hangings dated from that time.

There were funeral rites that night. I went with the masked man to the fields. " The Duke looked Mala over thoughtfully, looked her up and down, squinting a little as if trying to remember something. " "Yes, Your Grace, many say that. I'm sure they mean no harm, they just…" "But this time, folk were wrong. " Mala's dark eyes fell. " "Oh no sir. " "Let it remain so," said Duke Fraktin. And again he made a gesture of dismissal. The woman hesitated marginally. Then she was gone. The Duke turned toward the wizard's chair, which once again was visibly occupied.

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Book of Swords 01 - First Book of Swords by Fred Saberhagen

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