Download e-book for iPad: Breve diccionario siríaco: siríaco-castellano-catalán by Joan Ferrer y Maria Antònia Nogueras

By Joan Ferrer y Maria Antònia Nogueras

ISBN-10: 8493111805

ISBN-13: 9788493111809

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Angel investor An affluent individual who invests in small, private companies, usually in exchange for company stock or promissory notes that are convertible into shares of company stock. Angel investors often work closely with the company’s management to help with introductions or other advice to make the company more successful. annual exclusion amount The amount that anyone can give to any recipient, free of federal gift tax, in any calendar year. The amount is indexed for inflation and is adjusted by the IRS each year, in $1,000 increments.

Agreement A meeting of the minds. An agreement is made when two people reach an understanding about a particular issue, including their obligations, duties, and rights. While agreement is sometimes used to mean a contract—a legally binding oral or written agreement—it is actually a broader term, including understandings that might not rise to the level of a legally binding contract. aggravated assault The crime of physically attacking another person and causing serious bodily harm; or assault with a deadly or dangerous weapon such as a gun, knife, ax, or blunt instrument.

Anticipatory breach When a party to a contract declares that he or she will not be performing his or her contractual ­obligations, either by word (for example, “I won’t deliver the rest of the goods”) or by action (for example, not showing up with goods or stopping payment). The result is that the other party to the contract is excused from having to complete his or her obligations under the agreement. Anticipatory breach is often a defense to a lawsuit for payment or performance on a contract.

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