Bridge Technique 8: Defensive Signaling by David Bird, Marc Smith PDF

By David Bird, Marc Smith

ISBN-10: 1554940087

ISBN-13: 9781554940080

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It was not West’s fault. After declarer’s cunning retention of the ♥2, West placed his partner with an original K-4-2. If that were the case, the heart suit would look like this: ♥8 N ♥AQ973 W E S ♥K42 ♥ J 10 6 5 It would now be correct for West to switch elsewhere, hoping to find his partner’s outside entry so that he could lead the third round of hearts through declarer’s remaining J-6. East’s return of the four was wooden — it could never cost to return the jack. Declarer was marked, by the Rule of Eleven, with one card higher than the seven.

Declarer would therefore hold the ♣K and a club continuation would be unproductive. You would play the three to discourage a further play in clubs. B. Your general plan should be to lead the two kings in turn, requesting a count signal in each of the suits. If there is a second trick to be cashed in one of the suits, partner’s signal will tell you. It is slightly better to lead the king of the shorter suit, spades, first. That’s because it’s more likely that either declarer or dummy will be void in the longer suit.

If he holds the jack you will want to continue the suit. If declarer has the jack, a continuation will surrender a trick. An 30 •Defensive Signaling attitude signal would let you know if partner held the jack. It’s true, when defending notrump at any rate, that partner could probably afford to unblock the jack if he held it. Against a suit contract, such an unblock might cost a trick if partner had led from K-Q-x. An attitude signal might be more useful than count here, too: ♠A83 N ♠ Q 10 7 5 4 W E S ♠K92 ♠J6 You lead the ♠5 against a heart contract and declarer rises with the ace.

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