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By Andrea Cataldo

ISBN-10: 3642202322

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This ebook is devoted to the adoption of broadband microwave reflectometry (BMR)-based tools for diagnostics and tracking functions. This electromagnetic procedure has tested as a robust device for tracking reasons; in truth, it might stability a number of contrasting standards, corresponding to the flexibility of the process, low implementation expense, real-time reaction, chance of handheld remote control, reliability, and sufficient size accuracy.

Starting from an in depth survey of the cutting-edge and from a transparent and concise evaluation of the theoretical historical past, during the ebook, different methods of BMR are thought of (i.e., time area reflectometry - TDR, frequency area reflectometry - FDR, and the TDR/FDR mixed process) and a number of other purposes are completely investigated.

The functions thought of herein are very varied from one another and canopy assorted fields. In all of the defined strategies and techniques, the final word aim is to endow them with an important functionality enhancement by way of size accuracy, inexpensive, versatility, and sensible implementation threat, as a way to release the powerful power of BMR.

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A direct analysis (in TD) of the reported waveforms involves evaluating the reflected voltage at t = 0 and at t = ∞, and assuming any transition between these two values to be exponential. Fig. 2 Schematization of TDR waveforms for purely-resistive terminations 28 3 Broadband Reflectometry: Theoretical Background (a) (b) (c) (d) Fig. 3 TDR waveforms when reactive components are present [4]. 2 Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR) 29 For the sake of example, let us consider the series R-L case [4]. Also, for simplicity, let us assume that the time is zero when the reflected wave arrives back at the monitoring point.

27) b2 = S21 a1 + S22 a2 . 31) S22 = b2 |a =0 . 32) The potential of S-parameters for monitoring and diagnostics purposes will be clearer in the following chapters. In fact, it will be shown that, when the system to be monitored can be considered as an electrical network, the S-parameters of the system can disclose useful information on the system itself. In particular, the scattering parameters can be used to extrapolate the dielectric characteristics of the SUT. The retrieved information, although related to the dielectric behavior, may be appropriately associated with several quantitative and/or qualitative properties of the sample.

6. 5 ps, thus the frequency content is about 15 GHz. 65 μs. The maximum number of acquisition points, for the selected time window, is 4000. The TDR80E04 has two ports (as it also allows transmission measurements to be performed). 5 mm connectors. These two specific instruments were chosen, because they are representative of two categories of TDR instrumentation. The HL1500 is a compact and rugged TDR unit, and this make it particularly useful for in situ applications. On the other hand, the TDR80E04 is a high-performance instrument, and it is typically used in laboratories.

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