Download PDF by Mark Latham: Broken Legions: Fantasy Skirmish Wargames in the Roman

By Mark Latham

ISBN-10: 1472815130

ISBN-13: 9781472815132

Damaged Legions: fable Skirmish Wargames within the Roman Empires (Osprey Wargames 15).

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However, while the torch is lit its bearer can be seen at any distance, as if the Darkness rule was not in effect. Choose at the start of the game whether the torch is lit or unlit – it can be lit or extinguished as an action during the model’s activation. WARPAINT When this model is wounded by any means, roll a D10. On a score of 10, the wound is ignored. Roll separately for each wound inflicted. THE WARBANDS The lists that follow are used to muster your chosen warband. 47. Although you are free to decide with your opponent how many points per side you wish to field, the recommended starting value for a small game or campaign start is 150 points – you may choose models from the lists up to this value, but may not exceed it.

THROWN WEAPON Thrown weapons are ranged weapons that can only be used once each – once thrown, they are crossed off the warband roster and cannot be used again that battle. Thrown weapons add the wielder’s Strength Bonus to the weapon’s Damage Bonus when rolling to wound. indd 33 22/04/2016 12:47 a thrown weapon can be thrown as part of a Charge action instead of a Ranged Attack action. Work out the charge as normal – if it is successful, move the model towards the target, but stop 1” away. The weapon is then thrown at the target model, exactly like a Ranged attack.

Uk. THE SOLDIERS OF THE EAGLE Sent forth by the Emperor and swearing binding oaths of fealty to the Empire, these roving bands of warriors and spies are hand-picked from the great Legions of Rome, set on infiltrating enemy lands and wresting mystical treasures from the hands of Rome’s enemies. WARBAND SPECIAL RULE: DRILLED At the start of each turn when the Leader is activated, the warband chooses to fight either defensively or offensively. If they choose to fight offensively, any model in the warband using a Gladius gains +1 to their Melee Attack score when making an Attack action.

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