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By Jacqueline E. Lapsley

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This article is an exegetical research of the tensions inherent in Ezekiel's realizing of the human ethical self. The ebook explores the dynamics of those tensions, and efforts to unravel them within the textual content.

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The call to repentance functions only to reassert Israel's responsibility for the punishment), or textual evidence supporting one side of the tension is ignored. There are many other places where human beings are depicted as responsible, why is chapter 18 to be privileged as "the hinge text"? , chapter 20? Matties, like Joyce, moves away from the individual versus community question to struggle with the different question of how torah functions as moral discourse. Yet like Joyce, theodicy is a controlling factor in Matties' analysis of Ezekiel's ethics.

Despite his critique of the developmental view, May follows the developmental argument that chapter 20 concerns Israel as a nation (it is eschatological in orientation), while chapter 18 centers on individual retribution. The tension is noted, but is still attributed to a conflict between these two levels of accountability. 23 Like May, Lindars is critical of the developmental view as too broad and imprecise. After distinguishing between different kinds of individual responsibility (criminal responsibility and the responsibility of the individual before God) Lindars suggests that the language of individual criminal responsibility (already found pervasively in Israelite traditions) is applied by Ezekiel, for the first time in Israelite tradition, in the area of divine retribution.

B. Mohr (Siebeck), 1897), 75, 96. 18 J. W. Wevers, Ezekiel (London: Thomas Nelson, 1969), 140. 19 Klaus Koch seems to ascribe to a version of the developmental hypothesis, but one in which the development has failed: "Under the spell of the collectivist anthropology of ancient oriental civilizations, the individual is not really taken into account. Even when an attempt is made—for example, when the correlation between act and destiny is limited to a single life (Ezek. 18)—the solution is not convincing" (Klaus Koch, The Prophets: The Babylonian and Persian Periode [Philadelphia: Fortress, 1984; orig.

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