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Grime-encrusted scimitars, and mutter incomprehensible Heat phases under their breath. A Wanderer stumbles through the desert until it Extreme temperatures can be deadly. Dry winds, reflected detects water, which it can sense a mile away. Once water sunlight (from plains and rocks), and heat radiating from has been detected, the Wanderer unerringly moves in the sand can aggravate an already blistering day. An that direction, assaulting anyone who gets in its path. overheated traveler may experience stomach and leg When it comes within 30 yards of the detected water, it cramps, severe headaches, dizziness, and confusion.

If a PC comes near her; the zin attempts to bite; keep any of the items from the medicine cupboard (area otherwise, she watches the party deal with the serpents, 2b). If they ask about the list of terms (PH13), he then heads for the hole (area 4e). explains that he bought the list and the red crystal bowl If the party decides to check the old woman before they open the cabinet (area 4b), the zin throws off her from a traveling merchant. He translates the terms: mugas = scissors, na’al= horseshoe, misht = a woman’s wooden sheets, flings the vipers at the PCs, then attempts to comb, ibra = a small needle, kharza ma al nigat = a round escape through the hole (area 4e).

The next 10 years of his life Turin spent with the tribe, developing a remarkable talent for desert survival. He could calm the most frenzied mount with a soothing touch, identify a distant bird from a single call, and find water where others saw only sand. Turin’s serene life came to abrupt end one summer’s night near the Jamal Oasis when the tribe was ambushed by the House of Dh’ib. Turin would have lost his life along with the rest of the tribe had it not been for the timely arrival of Khafaz ibn Dahz, who was leading Tajari soldiers on a military exercise.

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