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By Donald Wayne Viney

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It is these assumptions which Hartshorne argues are mistaken. We have already noted that the proofs in the global argument are divided into two groups, the theoretical and the normative. Theoretical arguments are well entrenched in the collective consciousness of philosophers. That is to say, even if one denies that any of the theistic arguments work, one is still likely to have no serious difficulty with the idea that, if God's existence could be proved by reason, the proof would look something like one of the traditional arguments, namely, the ontological, cosmological or design.

Would not one a priori argument suffice to settle the issue? 27 This argument can be read two ways. On the first interpretation, the question is why more than one argument for God's existence should be necessary if it is self-evident that God does (or does not) exist. This, however, involves a confusion between necessity and self-evidence. As Plantinga notes, ". . "28 Goldbach's Conjecture and Fermat's Last Theorem are either necessarily true or necessarily false but neither is self-evidently true or false.

MVG 251). We conclude that the dissertation is best viewed as an early version of the global argument. Man's Vision of God (1941) contains a discussion of the idea of employing a multiplicity of arguments for God's existence but does < previous page page_20 If you like this book, buy it! next page > < previous page page_21 next page > Page 21 not explicitly carry out the task (MVG 251252). The ontological argument and a version of the cosmological argument are, however, treated at length. The term "global argument" is first used in A Natural Theology for Our Time (1967).

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