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На сайте уже публиковалась ссылка на книгу из этой серии: , однако если там речь шла о словаре, необходимом для жизни в Соединенном Королевстве, то эта книга посвящена словарю, необходимому для обучения в университетах или колледжах Великобритании (речь, разумеется, идет об общей лексике, предметная область обучения здесь не затрагивается).

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Данный словарь - переиздание в СССР словаря, впервые выпущенного в 1986 г. издательством "Джон Бенджамине Паблишинг Компани" (Амстердам-Филадельфия). Это первый большой словарь словосочетаний современного английского языка. Словарь содержит около 14 тыс. слов и более seventy five тыс. грамматических и лексических словосочетаний английского языка.

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Metaphors Dictionary is designed for the browsers leisure and as a resource of notion for writers and audio system. simply because many metaphors paintings as self sufficient quotations, aphorisms, and proverbs, the booklet additionally serves as a citation finder. To make Metaphors Dictionary as precious and available as attainable, the greater than 6,500 entries were grouped into six hundred thematic different types, with greater than 500 synonyms to easeand improve prepared reference.

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New PDF release: Treasure Island (Webster's Chinese-Traditional Thesaurus

This variation is written in English. in spite of the fact that, there's a operating Chinese-Traditional word list on the backside of every web page for the more challenging English phrases highlighted within the textual content. there are various variations of Treasure Island. This version will be invaluable

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1. As trade union membership has declined, the number of ______________ and strikes has also decreased. a. arguments b. disagreements c. disputes 2. The role of the middle manager is not to formulate new policies but to ______________ them. a. manage b. use c. execute 3. Engineers worked throughout the night to ________________ electricity to homes whose supplies had been cut off by heavy snow. a. reinstate b. renew c. restore 4. Many athletes take extra vitamins as a/an ________________ to their diet when they are preparing for competition.

For reference see Easier English Dictionary for Students (978 07475 6624 3). Start by reading through the sentences below. Then take one word from the box on the left and combine this with one from the box on the right to make a collocation. ) Then try to match your combinations with the spaces in the sentences below: solar ț Peace ț invest imperial ț sex and ț give dissipates ț legislate ț utter on the premise ț against energy money ț violence ț power control ț that ț their consent ț Unit Eight 8f – Make a collocation Treaty waste of time 1.

3. The first witness accused the defendant of murder, but the second witness gave a very different __________________ of events. 4. These experiments may seem ____________________ but they are in fact extremely important. 5. Of all the countries in the world, Japan may well be the most ____________________ as the great majority of its people are from the same race. 6. Heart disease can be caused by a bad diet (especially too much fat), inadequate exercise and too much ____________________. 7. With the __________________ of new medical techniques, couples who were previously unable to have children may now be able to start a family.

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