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By Aloys Grillmeier, Theresia Hainthaler, John Cawte, Pauline Allen

ISBN-10: 0664219977

ISBN-13: 9780664219970

This majestic, complete examine of Christology comprises the one complete scholarly remedy of the traditions of the outdated Oriental church buildings. The publication matters itself with the certain advancements in Christology within the Patriarchate of Constantipole within the 6th century and the institution of the strong anti-Chalcedonian hierarchy symbolized via Patriarch Severus of Antioch.

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V68bus, 'Decouverte d'un memra de Giwargi, eveque des arabes, sur Severe d'Antioche', Mus 84 (1971), 433-6; idem, 'Discovery of New Important Memre of Giwargi, the Bishop of the Arabs', JSS 18 (1973), 235-7. On the influence of Peter the Iberian on Severus see Brooks, SL II, sect. V, 11, 328: '. . the highest assurance and a fixed mind, when our holy father Peter the bishop from Iberia was offering and performing the rational sacrifice', is a model for Severus in his stance against Chalcedon and all heretics.

I ' J I THE DISPUTATIOUS POLEMICIST 25 (particularly about Theodoret). In the third part John offers a critique of the first treatise of Severus: Ad Nephalium. In the fourth part there is a florilegium (nos. 70-118), attached to which there would certainly have been a theological summing-up. John the Grammarian wanted to find a via media between the teaching of Chalcedon and its opponent Severus, with Cyril in the background. But it was Severus who won the initial battle. 13 However, the neo-Chalcedonian intent did not disappear; but that would take us beyond the person of Severus.

The consequence shows itself in two ways. Institutionally, it was not until fifty years after the first tentative appearance of the idea (at the Council of 381), viz. at the Council of 451, that Constantinople's primacy of honour after Old Rome could announce itself with the Emperor's help on the political level. 33 The Sleepless Monks had only a short heyday. It lasted from their foundation by Abbot Marcellus (448-before 484) to their condemnation as Nestorians by Pope John II on 25 March 534.

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Christ in Christian Tradition: Volume Two: From the Council of Chalcedon (451) to Gregory the Great by Aloys Grillmeier, Theresia Hainthaler, John Cawte, Pauline Allen

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