Christianity Without God: Moving Beyond the Dogmas and by Daniel C. Maguire PDF

By Daniel C. Maguire

ISBN-10: 1438454066

ISBN-13: 9781438454061

Argues that Christianity doesn't require its supernatural aspects.

Christianity with out an all-powerful god, with no divine savior, with out an afterlife? during this daring and hopeful publication, theologian Daniel C. Maguire writes that conventional, supernatural features of Christianity might be comforting, yet are more and more questionable. A century of scholarly examine has no longer been supportive of the dogmatic triad of private god, incarnate savior, and existence after loss of life. Demonstrating that those ideals have questionable roots in ancient traditions, Maguire argues for a go back to that very good and innovative ethical epic of the Hebrew and Christian Bible. Rescued from god, Christianity can supply a practical worldwide ethic to heal a planet sinking lower than the results of our ungrateful mismanagement.

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Haught tries with great subtlety to redesign the known-but-unknown God problem. He recognizes that if we personalize god and give him or her gender, anthropomorphism is the winner and the transcendent “God” is no more. He accepts the tradition that says “God” is “unavailable, “unverifiable,” “hidden,” and he refers to the “scandal” of divine hiddenness. ” His book is entitled not who but What Is God. ”27 However well intentioned this intellectual effort, the neutered god will not play well in the pews.

Chance is not the answer and no scientist thinks it is. Chance v. intelligent design is a fake fight. Intelligent designer v. natural selection, that is the real fight. Now it must be admitted at first blush that there are many things in nature that seem to cry out for a personal designer. Modern designer-ists are rushing into biology to put examples of such on the table. They look for examples of “irreducible complexity,” that is, a natural construction so complex that the removal of even one part of it causes the whole to stop functioning.

When Jephthah was filled with “the spirit of the Lord,” it didn’t speak well for the Lord or his spirit. Jephthah swore that if he was successful at slaughtering the Ammonites and others he would sacrifice the first person to come out of the door of his house after his victory as a “whole-offering” to the Lord. ” He allowed that and then sacrificed her to fulfill his vow to the Lord (Judg. 11:29–40). The Hebrew and Christian scriptures paint a God who manifested unstinting love on the one hand and sociopathic behavior on the other.

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