Contemporary Options in Eschatology: A Study of the by Millard J. Erickson PDF

By Millard J. Erickson

ISBN-10: 0801034426

ISBN-13: 9780801034428

Examines modern, conservative evaluations on eschatology, critiquing many of the millennial positions and tribulational perspectives. heavily and seriously examines the theological and hermeneutical approach of dispensationalism. Describes each one place, its background, its significant ideas, and the arguments provided in aid of every, stimulating believers to go looking the Scriptures to figure out which issues are actual. incorporates a assessment of lesser identified nineteenth and twentieth century positions, together with Schweitzer, Dodd, Bultmann, and Moltmann.

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42 Bult mann: Existential Eschatology teachings of eschatology are true in the present. They have imme­ diate pertinence. They are not for persons who lived in the past or who will live sometime in the future. They are for me, living now. They consequently are preachable. Certainly Jesus and Paul addressed their messages to the readers and hearers of their time, intending their messages to guide their audiences’ lives at that time. Bultmann also correctly noted that the message must in some sense participate in and be expressed in the thought forms of its time and must utilize concepts and expressions drawn from sense experience.

Moltmann is concerned lest Christianity, in attempting to relate to the world’s quest for hope, compromise and accommo­ date its true nature. In the interest of establishing a point of contact with contemporary historical existence, much modern theology has tended to be so culture-affirming that it has lost the genius of the Christian message. Moltmann, on the other hand, insists that theology stress the negative and contradictory elements of contemporary historical existence. The relevance of theology depends upon its view of the resur­ rection of the crucified Christ.

If these shared in the corporal rule, they would surely have bodies. The millennial rule extends from Christ’s passion to His parousia and is shared in by the dead as well as the living. The blessed are those who maintain their baptism, for as the first death is due to sin, the first resurrection is due to the remis­ sion of sin. Tyconius did not interpret the word millennium literally, seeing the rule of Christ only as an extended period of time. Some were1 11. Hans Bietenhard, “The Millennial Hope in the Early Church,” pp.

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