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I can encompass everything in every direction like a chameleon. Movement in Parkour is a matter of attention. You observe the obstacle, you mentally get to it and the movement has to follow – basically, let your mind go and your body follows. If you move according to what you have in your head, your movement is better; you move fast and well. You should not forget that Parkour is a sequence of obstacles. When you jump, the aim is to get back on your feet, run and jump again right away. If you stop running in the middle of it, your movements lose energy.

The most important thing is to be ready, ready to perform the jump that will change things. Guys who swagger and brag too much about Parkour may have to perform a jump to save someone one day and they will find themselves bloody 50 stupid they can’t make it because the jump is three feet higher than what they are used to doing. Have you ever been hurt jumping? In twenty years, I haven’t sustained a significant injury. I’ve had minor incidents little sprung ankles, hurt knees, stitches, but nothing too serious.

My father told me that he could jump from twenty-five feet as easily as from a chair. So I started practicing from a chair and I got the feeling of it. Then I went on to a table, and a little bit higher each time. Then you start feeling your weight increasing, the impact hurting. And no need to jump from twenty-five feet; you can already feel it from eight. But when your technique is good, when you repeated your jump twenty, thirty, forty, fifty times, the brain registers as well as the body, because this later also has a memory.

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