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Derived from the content material of the revered McGraw-Hill Dictionary of medical and Technical phrases, 6th version, every one identify presents millions of definitions of phrases and words encountered in a particular self-discipline. All comprise: * Pronunciation consultant for each time period * Acronyms, cross-references, and abbreviations * Appendices with conversion tables; listings of clinical, technical, and mathematical notation; tables of suitable information; and extra * A handy, quick-find structure

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Apиə chər } aperture disk [ENG] A disk with a small round opening used in a densitometer to vary the amount of light or the area to be measured. { apиə chər disk } apex [ENG] In architecture or construction, the highest point, peak, or tip of any structure. { a¯ peks } apical angle [MECH] The angle between the tangents to the curve outlining the contour of a projectile at its tip. { apиiиkəl aŋиgəl } API scale [CHEM ENG] The American Petroleum Institute hydrometer scale for the measurement of the specific gravity of liquids; used primarily in the American petroleum industry.

Alиfə ra¯ vakиyu¨m ga¯j } alphatron See alpha-ray vacuum gage. alligator wrench { alи fə tra¨n } alt See altitude. altazimuth [ENG] An instrument equipped with both horizontal and vertical graduated circles, for the simultaneous observation of horizontal and vertical directions or angles. Also known as astronomical theodolite; universal instrument. { al tazиəиməth } alt-azimuth mounting See altitude-azimuth mounting. { alt azиəиməth mau˙ntиiŋ } alternate energy [ENG] Any source of energy other than fossil fuels that is used for constructive purposes.

Aŋиgəl əv akиshən } angle of advance See angular advance. { aŋиgəl əv əd vans } angle of approach [CIV ENG] The maximum angle of an incline onto which a vehicle can move from a horizontal plane without interference. [MECH ENG] The angle that is turned through by either of paired wheels in gear from the first contact between a pair of teeth until the pitch points of these teeth fall together. { aŋиgəl əv ə pro¯ch } angle of bite See angle of nip. { aŋиgəl əv bı¯t } angle of departure [CIV ENG] The maximum angle of an incline from which a vehicle can move onto a horizontal plane without interference, such as from rear bumpers.

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