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During this identify, phrases are defined in transparent, basic English, with phonetic pronunciation for all major entries. The dictionary is perfect for somebody learning ICT, together with non-native English audio system.  

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Lotus Development and IMRS are jointly developing a bridge linking their respective spreadsheet and client server reporting tools. g. file format and translation Briefcase utility / bri fkes ju tlti/ noun (in Windows) a special utility that allows you to keep files stored on a laptop and a desktop PC up to date brightness / bratnəs/ noun the intensity of the light emitted by an image on a screen ć A control knob allows you to adjust brightness and contrast. brightness range / bratnəs rend / noun the variation in the intensity of the light emitted by something brightness setting / bratnəs setŋ/ noun TV brightness control position Briefcase utility | brightness brightness range brightness setting brilliance / brljəns/ noun the luminance brilliant bring up British Approvals Board for Telecommunications British Approvals Board for Telecommunications / brtʃ ə pru vəlz | bɔ d fɔ telikəmkju n keʃ(ə)nz/ noun full form of BABT British Standards Institute / brtʃ st ndədz nsttju t/ noun full form of | British Standards Institute BSI (UK) broad /brɔ d/ noun a wide-angled floodlight (film) broadband / brɔ db nd/ noun (in local area networks or communications) a transbroad broadband mission method that combines several channels of data onto a carrier signal and can carry the data over long distances.

2. to set up a company or a person in a place ć The European manager is based in our London office. (NOTE : bases – basing – barrier box baryta paper | base based) base 2 / bes tu / noun the binary number base 2 system, using the two digits 0 and 1 base 8 / bes et/ noun the octal number base 8 system, using the eight digits 0 – 7 base 10 / bes ten/ noun the decimal number system, using the ten digits 0 – 9 base 16 / bes sks ti n/ noun the hexadecimal number system, using the ten digits 0 – 9 and the six letters A – F baseband / besb nd/, base band / bes b nd/ noun 1.

A possible path or jump from one instruction to another 2. a line linking one or more devices to the main network ć The faulty station is on this branch. í verb to jump from one section of a program to another, often using a test or decision with two or more possible results that lead to two different points in the program bounce /baυns/ noun 1. a multiple key boundary bounding box box boxed box in Boyce-Codd normal form BCNF bozo bit bozo bit / bəυzəυ bt/ noun (in an Apple Macintosh system) an attribute bit that prevents a file being copied or moved BPI, bpi noun the number of bits that can be recorded per inch of recording medium.

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