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Данный словарь - переиздание в СССР словаря, впервые выпущенного в 1986 г. издательством "Джон Бенджамине Паблишинг Компани" (Амстердам-Филадельфия). Это первый большой словарь словосочетаний современного английского языка. Словарь содержит около 14 тыс. слов и более seventy five тыс. грамматических и лексических словосочетаний английского языка.

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Languid: 불경기의, 귀찮은, 느른한, 무기력한, 노곤한. satisfaction: 사죄, 이행, 결투 신청에 응하다, 만족, 만족시키는 물건, 속죄, 사죄하다, 결투, 결투를 신청하다, 만족함, 만족을 주는 것. satisfied: 만족한, 흡족한. seconds: 이등품. tolerate: 참다, 견디다, 관대히 다루다, 묵인하다, 내성이 있다, 관대하게 다루다. wise: 방법, 알리다, 현명한, 정도, 영리해 보이는, 분별있는, 슬기로운, 슬기롭다, 양식, 학문이 있는, 알고 있는. % "There's our man, Watson! Come along! " At that instant I was aware of a bushy black beard and a pair of piercing eyes turned upon us through the side window of the cab. Instantly the trapdoor at the top flew up, something was screamed to the driver, and the cab flew madly off down Regent Street.

Proceeding: 의사록, 행동, 조치, 소송절차, 회보, 조처, 처리, 소송 절차, 행위, 의사, 진행. trapdoor: 뚜껑문, 통풍구, 들창, 함정문, 잘못 짜인 흠. vexation: 애탐, 괴롭힘, 화냄, 고민거리, 고통, 고민, 귀찮은 사물, 애태움, 속상함, 괴로움의 원인, 번뇌의 원인. wily: 교활한, 책략이 있는, 현명한, 꾀가 많은. 42 The Hound of the Baskervilles availed%himself of a cab so that he could loiter behind or dash past them and so escape their notice. His method had the additional advantage that if they were to take a cab he was all ready to follow them. " "My dear Watson, clumsy as I have been, you surely do not seriously imagine that I neglected to get the number?

Now, look here, Mr. Holmes, it's half-past eleven now and I am going back right away to my hotel. Suppose you and your friend, Dr. Watson, come round and lunch with us at two. " "Then you may expect us. % "Then we meet again at two o'clock. " We heard the steps of our visitors descend the stair and the bang of the front door. In an instant Holmes had changed from the languid dreamer to the man of action. "Your hat and boots, Watson, quick! " He rushed into his room in his dressing-gown and was back again in a few seconds in a frockcoat.

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