New PDF release: Digital Electronics, Volume 1: Combinational Logic Circuits

By Tertulien Ndjountche

ISBN-10: 1848219849

ISBN-13: 9781848219847

Трёхтомный курс по цифровой электронике от издательства Wiley. В первых двух томах рассматриваются логические схемы, в третьем - конечные автоматы electronic Electronics, quantity 1: Combinational good judgment Circuits (1848219849 electronic Electronics, quantity 2: Sequential and mathematics common sense Circuits (1848219857) electronic Electronics, quantity three: Finite-state Machines (1848219865)

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4. Division Division of a binary number (the dividend) by another (the divisor) is carried out by repeatedly deducting the divisor from the dividend until you obtain a difference that is either equal to zero or inferior to the divisor and that represents the remainder. The quotient corresponds to the number of times the divisor is contained in the dividend. When the dividend is a 2n-bit number and the divisor is an n-bit number, the quotient may be represented as an n-bit number. Division is executed by comparing the n bits of the divisor with the n LSBs of the dividend.

The lightemitting diode comes on when the switch S1 is opened and goes off when the switch S1 is closed. 1. 2 operates as an AND gate. The diode lights up if and only if both switches S1 and S2 are closed. 3 shows the electric circuit for the OR gate. The diode comes on if at least one of the switches (S1 or S2 ) is closed. Digital Electronics 1: Combinational Logic Circuits, First Edition. Tertulien Ndjountche. © ISTE Ltd 2016. Published by ISTE Ltd and John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 2. 3. 4. The diode emits visible light when either the switch S1 or the switch S2 is closed.

15. 416 39 40 Digital Electronics 1 4) BCD – Decimal conversion a) 0001 1000 0100BCD = 18410 b) 0100 1001 0010BCD = 49210 c) 1001 0111 0101 0010BCD = 9 75210 d) 0111 0111 0111 0101BCD = 7 77510 5) How many bits are required for the binary representations of the decimal numbers from 0 to 511? With k bits, only the decimal numbers from 0 to 2k − 1 can be represented. Thus: 2k − 1 = 511 and k = log(512)/ log(2) = 9 6) What is the largest number that can be represented in 16 bit binary numeration? 535.

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