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State of affairs and sourcebook; the sourcebook describes the continent of Ansalon, sooner than and after the warfare, and all of the draconians, creatures, and artifacts of Krynn. within the event, the participant characters pass a land of smoke and fireplace to arrive the capital of the Dragon Empire and confront the Dragon Queen for the ultimate conflict among strong and evil; Battlesystem records are supplied for this conflict.

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Like the court, this room is steadily illuminated by numerous continual light spells. 58. the foundation Stone This room contains a dozen thick stone columns, spaced at odd intervals and supporting the soaring ceiling that towers 60 feet above the floor in the center of the room. Each column is studded with hundreds of huge and brilliant gems. The stones reflect and magnify light from any source so that the entire room seems to shimmer and glow with every spectrum of color if so much as a candle is brought here.

Assume that a lich can cast any spell from 1st through 5th level, although it cannot use more than five spells of any one level. Each lich knows the following 6th- through 9thlevel spells. 6th Level: anti-magic shell, death spell, disintegrate, stone to flesh 7th Level: delayed blast fireball, mass invisibility, power word-stun, vanish 8th Level: antipathy/sympathy mass charm, polymorph any object, symbol 9th Level: power word-kill, wish Lord Soth Death Knight Strength 18/99 Intelligence 10 Wisdom 9 THAC0 12 Hit Points 59 Armor Class 0 Dexterity 12 Constitution 17 Charisma 17 Alignment CE Movement 12” Items: plate mail +3, two-handed sword +3 Liches AC 0 Movement 6” #AT 1 THAC0 10 HD 11 Hit Points 65 Dmg 1d10 AL NE The liches of Neraka’s Undercity are the undead remains of the wizards who toiled long and hard in the workshop below the Dark Magic Resistance: 75% (if percentage roll is 11 or less, spell rebounds against caster) Soth was an ancient Lord Knight of Solamnia at Dargaard Keep.

During these services, 240 Dark Pilgrims are present. At all other times, eight Dark Pilgrims are busily sweeping and tidying the chamber, or dusting the statue. The abbey is deserted during the councils of the Dragon Highlords. 51. queen’s garden A moist and musty smell pervades these caverns. The caves floors are covered by a wellirrigated layer of soft dirt. Small fountains flow into streams that run through the caves and finally disappear into the dirt. The place is strangely beautiful and idyllic-except for the plants that grow here....

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