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Theophanes, p. 3og,14, mentions the Lazi, Abasgians, and Iberians among the allies of Heraclius. 54 A. L. Jakobson, "Vizantija v istorii rannesrednevekovoj Tavriki," Sow. Archeologija, 21 (19j4), p. , to the creation of the theme of Cherson). On p. " Cf. also his remark that the activity of the Christian church in Taurica reached "unprecedented proportions" in the eighth century. GEORGE OSTROGORSKY Honored with Byzantine titles, they were brought into the hierarchy of the Empire and so were led to acknowledge that ideal sovereignty which resided in the Emperor.

P. Goubert, Byzance avant Z'Islam, I (Paris, 1g51), 290-295; cf. Ernst Honigmann, Die Ostgvenze des byzantinischen Reiches volz 363 bis 1071 (Brussels, 1g35), 27ff. 28 The Arab domination of Armenia was established in the second half of the seventh century. H. Manandean, "Les invasions arabes en ArmCnie," Byzalztion, 18 (1946-1g48), 190. E T H N I C C H A N G E S I N S E V E N T H - C E N T U R Y B Y Z A N T I U M 29 adventurers, but more often as refugees. ~~ The leading men among these refugees, were, besides the Catholicos, Vardan Mamiconian and his retinue.

For Goths: De bello Gothico, I 16, 2 ; I11 I, 6 ; De bello Persico, I1 14, 10; I1 18, 24; I1 21, 4. For Huns, De bello Persico, I 13, 20; I 21, 11; I 12, 6 ; De bello Vandalico, I 11, 11-12; I1 I , 5-10; De bello Gothico, I 5, 4 ; I 27, 2 ; IV 26, 13; Agathias, 60-67. For Lombards, De bello Gothico, I11 39, 20; IV 26, 12; IV 33, 2, 3; Agathias, 184. For P E T E R CHARANIS Under the immediate successors of Justinian, the composition of the Byzantine army remained very much the same. "49 The figure given by Evagrius may perhaps be questioned, but the rest of his statement cannot be doubted.

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