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Given that precedent days, the pundits have lamented younger people's loss of old wisdom and warned that lack of know-how of the earlier absolutely condemns humanity to repeating its blunders. within the modern usa, this dire outlook drives a contentious debate approximately what key occasions, international locations, and other people are crucial for background scholars.

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Some research may explicitly evaluate the evidence that a phenomenon should belong discretely to one module rather than the other, even in the situation where the phenomenon itself is somewhat nebulous. More commonly, phenomena recur as topics for reanalysis within one domain or the other, where the goal is to remove any arbitrary stipulations needed in previous theories, without typically calling the modular aYliation of the phenomenon into question. And as for splitting the behaviour in question between phonetics and phonology as a solution to those arbitrary stipulations—this is thought either to deny the phenomenon’s existence as a homogeneous entity or redundantly to duplicate the analysis.

Phonological practice usually tries to capture just some of these aspects of the interface while being insulated from real-time psycholinguistic processing, and I too will shy away here from neurolinguistics and psycholinguistics as much as possible. Even under such an overly limited view, phonetics and phonology can and have been deWned in many and varied ways, and there are therefore many conceptions of ‘‘the’’ interface within the broad church of generative grammar. What I will try to do below, rather than listing and comparing these in any detail, is to try to model some of the more general underlying themes which motivate particular models, then sketch some broad families of interface types within that overview, relying heavily on other previous reviews of the literature and the interest of the reader to Wll in the speciWcs.

Allophonic variation is also a key part of phonology. It is the corollary of the claim that the same contrast or featural diVerence can occur at diVerent places in structure, because the structural context has such a pervasive inXuence on phonetic form. ) For example, consider the two English pairs tear–deer and neat–need. Typically, both pairs are said to exemplify the same phonological contrast, at diVerent places in structure. But of course the phonetic instantiation of the diVerence between the members of each pair diVers a great deal, because the stops are post-vocalic in latter case and pre-vocalic in the former.

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