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This article includes over 1500 lexical goods, divided into subject parts, with workouts to supply the perform scholars have to construct their vocabulary in a fascinating method. the cloth can be utilized in pairs or teams, in addition to by way of scholars operating separately, at hassle-free to complicated point.

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Biodiversity Greek bios- life, living organisms or tissue -diverse- differing from another -ity state, quality The number and variety of organisms found within a specified region. Bioecologist Greek bios- life, living organisms or tissue -eco- environment, habitat -logist a person who studies A specialist who studies the relation-ships of organisms to their natural environments. Bioenrichment Greek/Latin/French bios- (Greek) life, living en- (Latin) in -riche- (French) rich -ment state or condition resulting from a (specified) action Adding nutrients or oxygen to increase the microbial breakdown of pollutants.

Autotrophic Greek auto- self, same, spontaneous; directed from within -trophos- (trophein) to nourish; food, nutrition; development -ic (ikos) relating to or having some characteristic of Relating to the process of synthesizing food either by photosynthesis or by chemosynthesis. Auxin Greek auxein to grow Any of several plant hormones that regulate various functions, including cell elongation. 25 Average Arabic awariyah damaged merchandise A single value that summarizes or represents the general significance of a set of unequal values.

Capacitor Latin capacitas- spacious -or person or thing that does something An electrical circuit element used to store charge temporarily. Canine Latin cani- dog -ine of or relating to An animal of the family Canidae; belonging to or characteristic of a dog. Capelin Latin cappa- cap or cape -lin small or little A small food fish of the smelt family, found in north Atlantic coastal waters. Cardiac Capillary Latin capill- hairy -ary pertaining to As fine or minute as a hair; having a very small bore, as a tube.

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