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By Murray Wrobel

ISBN-10: 0444514996

ISBN-13: 9780444514998

ISBN-10: 1865843830

ISBN-13: 9781865843834

ISBN-10: 2076315500

ISBN-13: 9782076315509

This dictionary offers an outline of the English, German, French and Italian names of reptiles.

the elemental desk comprises the medical names of households, genera, species and a few sub-species with their pointed out names, that are given within the singular for species and sub-specis and within the plural for different phrases.

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Croix Anole (NA) 32 e 516 506 e 507 e 508 e 509 e Anolis aeneus Squamata – Iguanaidae Bronze Anole; Grenada Bush Anole (WI) Anolis aequatorialis Squamata - Iguanaidae Equatorial Anole Anolis agassizi Squamata - Iguanaidae Agassiz's Anole Anolis agueroi Squamata - Iguanaidae Cabo Cruz Bearded Anole e 517 e 518 e 519 e 520 510 e 511 e 512 e Anolis ahli Squamata - Iguanaidae Ahl's Anole; Escambray Blue-eyed Anole Anolis alayoni Squamata - Iguanaidae Guantanamo Twig Anole Anolis albi Squamata - Iguanaidae Light Anole e 521 e 522 e 523 513 e Anolis albimaculatus Squamata - Iguanaidae White-spotted Anole e 524 514 e 515 Anolis alfaroi Squamata - Iguanaidae Small-fanned Bush Anole Anolis aliniger e 525 Squamata - Iguanaidae La Vega Anole; Hispaniolan Orangearmpit Anole Anolis allisoni Squamata - Iguanaidae Allison's Anole; Cuban Blue Anole Anolis allogus Squamata - Iguanaidae Bueycito Anole; Spanish Flag Anole Anolis altae Squamata - Iguanaidae High Anole Anolis altavelensis Squamata - Iguanaidae Noble's Anole; Alto Velo Gracile Anole Anolis altivelensis Squamata - Iguanaidae Hassler's Anole Anolis alumina Squamata - Iguanaidae Shiny Anole; Barahona Grass Anole Anolis alutaceus Squamata - Iguanaidae Monte Verde Anole; Blue-eyed Twig Anole Anolis andianus Squamata - Iguanaidae Andes Anole Anolis anfiloquioi Squamata - Iguanaidae Anfiloqui Anole; Brown-eyed Bush Anole Anolis angusticeps Squamata - Iguanaidae 33 Anolis bateatus e 526 e Cienfuegos Anole; Cuban Twig Anole (WI) Anolis anisolepis Squamata - Iguanaidae Chiappas Ornate Anole 536 e d 537 527 e Anolis annectens Squamata - Iguanaidae Annexe Anole e 538 528 e 529 e 530 e 531 e 532 e 533 e 534 e 535 e Anolis antioquiae Squamata - Iguanaidae Antioquia Anole Anolis antonii Squamata - Iguanaidae Anton's Anole Anolis apollinaris Squamata - Iguanaidae Boulenger's Anole Anolis aquaticus Squamata - Iguanaidae Water Anole Anolis aregenteolus Squamata - Iguanaidae Guantanamo Anole; Cuban Trunk Anole Anolis argillaceus Squamata - Iguanaidae Bay Anole; Cuban Dark-bark Anole Anolis armouri Squamata - Iguanaidae Armoured Anole; Black-throated Stout Anole Anolis attenuatus Squamata - Iguanaidae Slender Anole e 539 e 540 e 541 e 542 e 543 e 544 e d 545 Anolis auratus Squamata - Iguanaidae Grass Anole Grasanolis; Kolumbianischer Baumleguan Anolis baccatus Squamata - Iguanaidae Bocourt's Anole Anolis bahorucaensis Squamata - Iguanaidae Baoruca Anole; Baoruco Longsnouted Anole Anolis baleatus Squamata - Iguanaidae Puerto Plata Anole; Dominica Giant Anole Anolis baracoae Squamata - Iguanaidae Baracoa Anole; Baracoa Giant Anole Anolis barahonae Squamata - Iguanaidae Barahona Anole; Barahona Giant Anole Anolis barbatus Squamata - Iguanaidae Western Bearded Anole Anolis barkeri Squamata - Iguanaidae Barker's Anole Anolis bartschi Squamata - Iguanaidae West Cuban Anole; Pinar del Rio Cliff Anole Höhlenanolis Anolis bateatus Squamata - Iguanaidae Anolis bimaculatus e 546 e 547 e 548 e d 549 e 550 e 551 e 552 e River Anole Anolis bimaculatus Squamata - Iguanaidae Panther Anole; Statia Bank Tree Anole (WI) Anolis binotatus Squamata - Iguanaidae Two-marked Anole Anolis biporcatus Squamata - Iguanaidae Neotropical Green Anole; Central American Green Anole Großer Honduras-Anolis Anolis birama Squamata - Iguanaidae Branch Anole; Cuban Big-eared Anole Anolis biscutiger Squamata - Iguanaidae Twinshield Anole Anolis bitectus Squamata - Iguanaidae Roof Anole Anolis blanquillanus Squamata - Iguanaidae Hummelinck's Anole 34 e 556 e 557 e 558 e 559 e 560 e 561 e 562 e 563 553 e Anolis boettgeri Squamata - Iguanaidae Boettger's Anole e 564 554 e Anolis bombiceps Squamata - Iguanaidae Surprise Anole; Blue-lipped Anole e 565 555 Anolis bonairensis Squamata - Iguanaidae e Ruthven's Anole Anolis bourgeoei Squamata - Iguanaidae Bourgeoe's Anole Anolis bransfordii Squamata - Iguanaidae Bransford's Anole Anolis breedlovei Squamata - Iguanaidae Breedlove's Anole Anolis bremeri Squamata - Iguanaidae Herradura Anole; Cuban Variegated Anole Anolis brevirostris Squamata - Iguanaidae Shortnose Anole; Gracile Desert Anole Anolis bruneti Squamata - Iguanaidae Brunet's Anole Anolis brunneus Squamata - Iguanaidae Crooked Island Anole; CrookedAcklins Green Anole (WI) Anolis calimae Squamata - Iguanaidae Ayala's Anole Anolis capito Squamata - Iguanaidae Bighead Anole; Big-headed Anole Anolis caquetae Squamata - Iguanaidae Caqueta Anole 35 Anolis compressicauda 566 e d f 567 e 568 e 569 e 570 e 571 e 572 e 573 e 574 e Anolis carolinensis Squamata - Iguanaidae Green Anole; Alligator Lizard (NA); Fence Lizard (NA); Green Lizard (NA); Common Green Anole; Carolina Anole (WI); American Chameleon; American Anole Rotkehlanolis; Amerikanisches Chamäleon Anolis vert; Anolis de la Caroline Anolis carolinensis carolinensis Squamata - Iguanaidae Northern Green Anole; Green Lizard; Carolina Anole; Green Anole Anolis carolinensis seminolus Squamata - Iguanaidae Southern Green Anole d f 575 e 576 e 577 e d f Anolis carpenteri Squamata - Iguanaidae Carpenter Anole; Carpenter's Anole 578 Anolis casildae Squamata - Iguanaidae Casilda's Anole; Giant Anole 579 Anolis caudalis Squamata - Iguanaidae Cochran's Gianthead Anole; Gonave Gracile Anole 580 Anolis centralis Squamata - Iguanaidae Central Anole; Central Pallid Anole 581 Anolis chloris Squamata - Iguanaidae Boulenger's Green Anole; Green Anole 582 Anolis chlorocyanus Squamata - Iguanaidae Hispaniola Green Anole; Northern Green Anole ; Blue-green Anole 583 e e e e e e Haiti-Anole; Laubanole Anolis vert-bleu Anolis chocorum Squamata - Iguanaidae Chocolate Anole; Choco Green Anole Anolis christophei Squamata - Iguanaidae King Christophe Anole; Big-fanned Trunk Anole Anolis chrysolepis Squamata - Iguanaidae Goldenscale Anole Goldstreifenanolis Anolis chrysolépide Anolis chrysolepis scypheus Squamata - Iguanaidae Yellow-tongued Anole Anolis chrysolepis tandae Squamata - Iguanaidae Blue-throated Anole Anolis clivicola Squamata - Iguanaidae Mountain Anole; Turquino Fern Anole Anolis cobanensis Squamata - Iguanaidae Stuart's Anole Anolis coelestinus Squamata - Iguanaidae Jeremie Anole; Southern Green Anole Anolis compressicauda Squamata - Iguanaidae Malposo Scaly Anole Anolis concolor 584 e 585 e 586 e 587 e 588 e 589 e d f 590 e 591 e 592 e 593 e 36 Anolis concolor Squamata - Iguanaidae Isla San Andres Anole 594 Anolis confusus Squamata - Iguanaidae Cabo Cruz Trunk Anole 595 Anolis conspersus Squamata - Iguanaidae Grand Cayman Anole; Caymans Blue-fanned Anole (WI) 596 Anolis cooki Squamata - Iguanaidae Cook's Anole; Dryland Anole ; Guanica Pallid Anole Anolis crassulus Squamata - Iguanaidae Ornate Anole Anolis cristatellus Squamata - Iguanaidae Crested Anole; Man Lizard ; Puerto Rican Crested Anole Kammanolis Petit anolis à crête Anolis cristatellus cristatellus Squamata - Iguanaidae Puerto Rican Crested Anole Anolis cristifer Squamata - Iguanaidae Cristifer Anole Anolis cumingi Squamata - Iguanaidae Balsas Anole Anolis cupeyalensis Squamata - Iguanaidae Cupeyal Anole; Stripe-bellied Grass Anole e e e 597 e d 598 e 599 e d f 600 e 601 e 602 e 603 e Anolis cupreus Squamata - Iguanaidae Copper Anole; Dry Forest Anole Anolis cuprinus Squamata - Iguanaidae Chiapas Anole Anolis curtus Squamata - Iguanaidae Short Anole Anolis cuvieri Squamata - Iguanaidae Cuvier's Anole; Puerto Rican Giant Anole Riesenanolis Anolis cyanopleurus Squamata - Iguanaidae Yateras Anole; Green Fern Anole Anolis cybotes Squamata - Iguanaidae Largehead Anole; Large-headed Anole; Hispaniolan Stout Anole Dickkopfanolis Anolis à grosse tête Anolis cybotes cybotes Squamata - Iguanaidae Common Large-headed Anole Anolis cymbops Squamata - Iguanaidae Cope's Veracruz Anole Anolis damulus Squamata - Iguanaidae Cope's Smooth Anole Anolis darlingtoni Squamata - Iguanaidae Darlington's Anole; 37 Anolis evermanni La Hotte Twig Anole 604 e 605 e 606 e 607 e 608 e 609 e d f 610 e Anolis delafuente Squamata - Iguanaidae Guamuhaya Anole; Sierra de Trinidad Crested Anole e 614 e Anolis deltae Squamata - Iguanaidae Delta Anole 615 Anolis desechensis Squamata - Iguanaidae Heatwole's Anole; Desecheo Anole 616 e e Anolis dissimilis Squamata - Iguanaidae Odd Anole d f i Anolis distichoides Squamata - Iguanaidae Rosen's Anole 617 Anolis distichus Squamata - Iguanaidae Bark Anole; Yellow-throated Anole; Bahaman Bark Anole; Hispaniolan Gracile Anole (WI) Zaunanolis; Rindenanolis Anolis écorce 618 Anolis distichus dominicensis Squamata - Iguanaidae Green Bark Anole e e 619 e 620 e 611 e Anolis distichus floridanus Squamata - Iguanaidae Florida Bark Anole 621 e 612 e Anolis dolfusianus Squamata - Iguanaidae Coffee Anole 622 e 613 Anolis dolichocephalus Squamata - Iguanaidae Place Negre Anole; La Hotte Longsnouted Anole Anolis duellmani Squamata - Iguanaidae Duellman's Pygmy Anole Anolis dunni Squamata - Iguanaidae Dunn's Anole Anolis equestris Squamata - Iguanaidae Knight Anole; Giant Chameleon; Cuban Giant Anole Ritteranolis Anolis chevalier; Anolis à écharpe Anolide di Cuba Anolis equestris equestris Squamata - Iguanaidae Western Knight Anole Anolis ernestwilliamsi Squamata - Iguanaidae Ernest's Anole; Carrot Rock Anole Anolis etheridgei Squamata - Iguanaidae Etheridge's Anole; Montane Bush Anole Anolis eugenegrahami Squamata - Iguanaidae Eugene's Anole; Black Stream Anole Anolis eulaemus Squamata - Iguanaidae Good Anole Anolis evermanni Squamata - Iguanaidae Eversmann's Anole; Emerald Anole ; Puerto Rican Emerald Anole Anolis extrema 623 e Anolis extrema Squamata - Iguanaidae Extreme Anole 38 e 634 624 e Anolis fasciata Squamata - Iguanaidae Banded Anole; Barbados Anole (WI) e 635 625 e d 626 e 627 e 628 e 629 e 630 e 631 e 632 e 633 Anolis ferreus Squamata - Iguanaidae Morne Constant Anole; MarieGalante Anole (WI) Großer Kammanolis Anolis festae Squamata - Iguanaidae Veronica's Anole Anolis fitchi Squamata - Iguanaidae Fitch's Anole Anolis forbesi Squamata - Iguanaidae Forbes's Anole Anolis foresti Squamata - Iguanaidae Forest Anole Anolis fowleri Squamata - Iguanaidae Fowler's Anole; Green-banded Anole Anolis fraseri Squamata - Iguanaidae Fraser's Anole Anolis frenatus Squamata - Iguanaidae Bridled Anole Anolis fugitivus Squamata - Iguanaidae e f 636 e 637 e 638 e d 639 e 640 e 641 e 642 e Moa Anole; Green-headed Grass Anole Anolis fungosus Squamata - Iguanaidae Myers's Anole Anolis fuscoauratus Squamata - Iguanaidae Brown-eared Anole Anolis brun doré Anolis fuscoauratus fuscoauratus Squamata - Iguanaidae Slender Anole Anolis gadovii Squamata - Iguanaidae Gadow's Anole Anolis garmani Squamata - Iguanaidae Jamaica Giant Anole; Jamaican Giant Anole; Jamaican Anole Grüner Jamaika-Saumfinger; Jamaika-Anolis Anolis garridoi Squamata - Iguanaidae Escambray Twig Anole Anolis gemnosus Squamata - Iguanaidae O'Shaughnessy's Anole Anolis gibbiceps Squamata - Iguanaidae Hook Anole Anolis gingivinus Squamata - Iguanaidae Anguilla Anole; Anguilla Bank Anole (WI) 39 Anolis insignis 643 e 644 e 645 e 646 e 647 e Anolis godmani Squamata - Iguanaidae Godman's Anole Anolis graciliceps Squamata - Iguanaidae Charm Anole Anolis grahami Squamata - Iguanaidae Graham's Anole; Jamaican Turquoise Anole (WI) Anolis granuliceps Squamata - Iguanaidae Granular Anole Anolis grayi Squamata - Iguanaidae Gray's Anole e 654 e 655 e 656 e 657 e 658 648 e 649 e 650 e 651 e 652 e 653 Anolis grisea Squamata - Iguanaidae Grey Anole; St.

Vincent Bush Anole (WI) Anolis tropidogaster Squamata - Iguanaidae Tropical Anole Anolis tropidolepis Squamata - Iguanaidae Swift Anole; Cloud Forests Anole Anolis tropidonotus Squamata - Iguanaidae Greater Scaly Anole Anolis uniformis Squamata - Iguanaidae Lesser Scaly Anole Anolis utowanae Squamata - Iguanaidae Utowana Anole Anolis valencienni Squamata - Iguanaidae Short-tail Anole; Sword-tailed Iguanid; Jamaican Twig Anole (WI) Schwertschwanzanolis; Schwertschwanzleguan Anolis de Valenciennes Anolis vanidicus Squamata - Iguanaidae Vanidicus Anole Anolis vaupesianus 826 e 827 e 828 e d f 829 e Anolis vaupesianus Squamata - Iguanaidae Williams's Anole Anolis ventrimaculatus Squamata - Iguanaidae Speckled Anole Anolis vermiculatus Squamata - Iguanaidae Vinales Anole Wasseranolis Anolis vermiculé Anolis villai Squamata - Iguanaidae Country Anole 48 d 836 e d f i 837 e d 838 830 e 831 e 832 e 833 e 834 e 835 e Anolis vittigerus Squamata - Iguanaidae Garland Anole Anolis vociferans Squamata - Iguanaidae Roaring Anole Anolis wattsi Squamata - Iguanaidae Watts's Anole; Barbuda Bank Bush Anole (WI) Anolis websteri Squamata - Iguanaidae Webster's Anole; Yellow-bellied Desert Anole Anolis whitemani Squamata - Iguanaidae Whiteman's Anole; Pallid Stout Anole Anolis woodi Squamata - Iguanaidae Wood's Anole e 839 e 840 e 841 e 842 e 843 e Chamäleone Anomalepididae Squamata Blind Snakes; American Blind Snakes Amerikanische Blindschlangen; Blindschlangen Anomalepididés Anomalepidi Anomalepis Squamata - Anomalepididae South American Blind Snakes; South American Worm Snakes Amerikanische Blindschlangen; Südamerikanische Blindschlangen Anomalepis aspinosus Squamata - Anomalepididae Taylor's Peru Blind Snake; Taylor's Peru Worm Snake Anomalepis colombius Squamata - Anomalepididae Colombian Blind Snake; Colombian Worm Snake Anomalepis flavapices Squamata - Anomalepididae Ecuador Blind Snake; Ecuador Worm Snake Anomalepis mexicanus Squamata - Anomalepididae Mexican Blind Snake; Mexican Worm Snake; Anomalous Blind Snake Anomalopus Squamata - Scincidae Lesser Burrowing Skinks Anomalopus brevicollis Squamata - Scincidae Shortneck Burrowing Skink 49 Antillophis 844 e Anomalopus gowi Squamata - Scincidae Gow's Burrowing Skink d f 854 845 e 846 e Anomalopus leuckartii Squamata - Scincidae Leuckart's Burrowing Skink Anomalopus mackayi Squamata - Scincidae Mackay's Burrowing Skink e d f 855 e 847 e Anomalopus pluto Squamata - Scincidae Brown Burrowing Skink 856 e 848 e 849 e 850 e d i 851 e 852 e d 853 e Anomalopus swansoni Squamata - Scincidae Swanson's Burrowing Skink Anomalopus verreauxi Squamata - Scincidae Verreaux's Burrowing Skink; Verreaux's Skink; Three-clawed Worm Skink d f i 857 e i Anomochilus Squamata - Uropeltidae Common Pipe Snakes Sumatra-Rollschlangen Serpenti cilindrici dell'Asia sudorientale 858 Anomochilus leonardi Squamata - Uropeltidae Leonard's Pipe Snake 859 Anomochilus weberi Squamata - Uropeltidae Pipe Snake; Weber's Cylinder Snake Sumatra-Rollschlange Anops Squamata - Amphisbaenidae King's Worm Lizards e d e 860 e d Kings Doppelschleichen Amphisbènes de King Anops kingii Squamata - Amphisbaenidae King's Worm Lizard Kings Doppelschleiche Amphisbène de King Antaresia Squamata - Boidae Antares Pythons Antaresia childreni Squamata - Boidae Children's Python; North Australian Python Gefleckter Python; Childrens Python Liasis de Children Pitone di Children Antaresia maculosa Squamata - Boidae Spotted Python Pitone maculato Antaresia perthensis Squamata - Boidae Perth Pygmy Python; Pymy Python; Western Water Python; Anthill Python Australischer Zwergpython Antaresia stimsoni Squamata - Boidae Large-blotched Antares Python; Stimson's Python; Large-blotched Python Antillophis Squamata - Colubridae Antillean Snakes Antillen-Nattern Antillophis andreai 861 e 862 e Antillophis andreai Squamata - Colubridae Common Antillean Snake Antillophis parvifrons Squamata - Colubridae Cope's Antillean Snake; Hispaniolan Lesser Racer (WI) 50 867 e f 868 e 863 e d f 864 e d f i 865 e d f 866 e d f Apalone Testudines - Trionychidae North American Softshells; North american Softshells Weichschildkröten Tortues molles Apalone ater Testudines - Trionychidae Black Spiny Softshell Turtle; Mexico Softshell Turtle; Black Soft-shelled Turtle; Cuatro Cienegas Soft-shelled Turtle; Cuatro Cienegas Black Turtle Schwarze Weichschildkröte Trionyx épineux noir; Tortue noire Tartaruga a guscio molle della Florida Apalone ferox Testudines - Trionychidae Florida Softshell; Southern Softshelled Turtle (NA); Florida Softshell Turtle Florida-Weichschildkröte; Wilde Dreiklaue; Beißschildkröte Tortue molle de Floride; Trionyx de Floride Apalone mutica Testudines - Trionychidae Smooth Softshell; Softshell; Brown Soft-shelled Turtle (NA); Spineless Soft-shelled Turtle (NA); Smooth Soft-shelled Turtle; Smooth Softshell Turtle Glattrandweichschildkröte Tortue molle lisse; Trionyx mutique f i 869 e d f i 870 e f 871 e f 872 e f 873 Apalone mutica calvata Testudines - Trionychidae Gulf Coast Smooth Softshell; Gulf Coast Smooth Softshell Turtle Trionyx mutique du Golfe Apalone mutica mutica Testudines - Trionychidae Midland Smooth Softshell; Smooth Softshell; Midland Smooth Softshell Turtle Ytionyx mutique commune Tartaruga a guscio molle liscia Apalone spinifera Testudines - Trionychidae Spiny Softshell; Spiny Soft-shelled Turtle (NA); Spiny Softshell Turtle; Eastern Spiny Softshell Dornrandweichschildkröte Tortue molle à épines Tartaruga a guscio molle spinosa Apalone spinifera aspera Testudines - Trionychidae Gulf Coast Spiny Softshell; Gulf Coast Soft-shelled Turtle; Gulf Coast Spiny Softshell Turtle Trionyx épineux du Golfe Apalone spinifera emoryi Testudines - Trionychidae Texas Spiny Softshell; Texas Spiny Soft-shelled Turtle; Texas Softshell; Texas Spiny Softshell Turtle; Rio Grande Spiny Softshell Turtle Trionyx épineux du Sud Apalone spinifera guadalupensis Testudines - Trionychidae Guadalupe Spiny Softshell; Guadalupe Spiny Soft-shelled Turtle Trionyx épineux de Guadalupe Apalone spinifera hartwegi Testudines - Trionychidae 51 Aperopristis paronae e f 874 e f 875 e f 876 e d 877 e d 878 e 879 e 880 e Western Spiny Softshell; Western Spiny Soft-shelled Turtle; Western Spiny Softshell Turtle Trionyx épineux de l'Ouest Apalone spinifera pallida Testudines - Trionychidae Pallid Spiny Softshell; Pallid Spiny Soft-shelled Turtle; Pallid Spiny Softshell Turtle Trionyx épineux pâle 881 e 882 e Apalone spinifera spinifera Testudines - Trionychidae Eastern Spiny Softshell; Baby Spiny Soft-shelled Turtle (NA); Eastern Spiny Soft-shelled Turtle; Eastern Spiny Softshell Turtle; Spiny Softshell Tortue molle à épines 883 Aparallactus Squamata - Colubridae Centipede-eaters; Centipede-eater Snakes Tausendfüßerfresser 885 Aparallactus capensis Squamata - Colubridae Cape Centipede-eater; Cape Centipede-eater Snake (CSA); Cape Black-headed Snake; Centipede-eater Tausendfüßerfresser e 884 e e 886 e 887 e Aparallactus capensis capensis Squamata - Colubridae Black-headed Centipede-eater 888 Aparallactus guentheri Squamata - Colubridae Black Centipede-eater; Zanzibar Centipede-eter; Günther's Snake; Günther's Centipede-eater (CSA) 889 Aparallactus jacksoni Squamata - Colubridae Kilimanjaro Centipede-eater e e 890 e Aparallactus lineatus Squamata - Colubridae Lined Centipede-eater Aparallactus lunulatus Squamata - Colubridae Reticulate Centipede-eater; Banded Centipede-eater; Plumbeous Centipede-eater; Reticulated Centipede-eater (CSA); Blotchedback Centipede-eater (CSA) Aparallactus lunulatus lunulatus Squamata - Colubridae Barred Centipede-eater Aparallactus modestus Squamata - Colubridae Western Forest Centipede-eater Aparallactus moeruensis Squamata - Colubridae Zaire Centipede-eater Aparallactus nigriceps Squamata - Colubridae Mozambique Centipede-eater Aparallactus turneri Squamata - Colubridae Malindi Centipede-eater Aparallactus werneri Squamata - Colubridae Usambara Centipede-eater Aperopristis Squamata - Iguanaidae Peracca's Iguanas Aperopristis paronae Squamata - Iguanaidae Peracca's Iguana Aphaniotis 891 e d Aphaniotis Squamata - Agamidae Earless Agamas; Blue-mouthed Agamas Blaumaul-Agamen Squamata - Agamidae 52 900 e d 901 892 e d Aphaniotis acutirostris Indonesia Earless Agama; Earless Agama Blaumaul-Agame e d 893 e Aphaniotis fusca Squamata - Agamidae Dusky Earless Agama 902 e 894 e Aphaniotis nasuta Squamata - Agamidae Sabah Earless Agama 903 e 895 e Aphaniotis ornata Squamata - Agamidae Ornate Earless Agama 904 e 896 e 897 e 898 e 899 e Aplopeltura Squamata - Colubridae Blunthead Snakes; Blunthead Slug Snakes; Blunt-headed Tree Snakes; Indian Snail-eaters Aplopeltura boa Squamata - Colubridae Blunthead Snake; Blunthead Slug Snake; Blunt-headed Tree Snake; Indian Snail-eater Apodora Squamata - Boidae Papua Pythons Apodora papuanus Squamata - Boidae Papua Python; Papuan Olive Python; Papuan Water Python 905 e 906 e 907 e 908 e 909 e Aporosaura Squamata - Lacertidae Sanddivers; Shovel-snouted Lizards (CSA); Sand Lizards; Dune Lizards Sandechsen Aporosaura anchieta Squamata - Lacertidae Namib Sanddiver; Shovel-snouted Lizard (CSA); Anchieta's Dune Lizard Sandtaucher; Sandechse Apostolepis Squamata - Colubridae Burrowing Snakes; Worm Snakes Apostolepis ambiniger Squamata - Colubridae South American Burrowing Snake Apostolepis assimilis Squamata - Colubridae Reinhardt's Burrowing Snake Apostolepis barrioi Squamata - Colubridae Barrio's Burrowing Snake Apostolepis caerensis Squamata - Colubridae Gomes's Burrowing Snake Apostolepis coronata Squamata - Colubridae Crowned Burrowing Snake Apostolepis dorbignyo Squamata - Colubridae Bolivian Burrowing Snake Apostolepis erythronota Squamata - Colubridae Peters's Burrowing Snake 53 Aprasia pseudopulchella 910 e 911 e 912 e 913 e 914 e 915 e 916 e 917 e Apostolepis flavotorquata Squamata - Colubridae Central Burrowing Snake Apostolepis goiasensis Squamata - Colubridae Goias Burrowing Snake Apostolepis intermedia Squamata - Colubridae Matto Grosso Burrowing Snake e 921 e 922 e d Apostolepis longicaudata Squamata - Colubridae Longhead Burrowing Snake 923 Apostolepis niceforoi Squamata - Colubridae Amazon Burrowing Snake; Amazon Worm Snake 924 Apostolepis nigroterminata Squamata - Colubridae Peru Burrowing Snake; Peruvian Worm Snake 925 Apostolepis quinquelineata Squamata - Colubridae Guyana Burrowing Snake Apostolepis rondoni Squamata - Colubridae Amaral's Burrowng Snake e e e 926 e 927 918 e 919 e 920 Apostolepis tenuis Squamata - Colubridae Ruthven's Burrowing Snake Apostolepis ventrimaculata Squamata - Colubridae Spotted Burrowing Snake Apostolepis villaricae Squamata - Colubridae e d 928 e Villarica Burrowing Snake Apostolepis vittatus Squamata - Colubridae Cope's Burrowing Snake Aprasia Squamata - Gekkonidae Blunt-tail Legless Geckos; Blunt-tail Legless Lizards; Blunt-tailed Scalyfoots Schmuckflossenfüße Aprasia aurita Squamata - Gekkonidae Eared Legless Gecko; Eared Legless Lizard; Mallee Worm Lizard (ANZ) Aprasia fusca Squamata - Gekkonidae Brown Legless Gecko; Brown Legless Lizard Aprasia haroldi Squamata - Gekkonidae Harold's Legless Gecko; Harold's Legless Lizard Aprasia inaurita Squamata - Gekkonidae Earless Legless Gecko; Earless Legless Lizard; Pink-nosed Worm Lizard (ANZ) Aprasia parapulchella Squamata - Gekkonidae Mongolo Legless Gecko; Mongolo Legless Lizard; Pink-tailed Worm Lizard (ANZ) Schmuckflossenfuß Aprasia pseudopulchella Squamata - Gekkonidae Flinders Legless Gecko; Flinders Legless Lizard Aprasia pulchella 929 e d 930 e 931 e 932 e d 933 e 934 e 935 e 936 e Aprasia pulchella Squamata - Gekkonidae Coastal Legless Gecko; Coastal Legless Lizard Schmuckflossenfuß Aprasia repens Squamata - Gekkonidae Hasty Legless Gecko; Hasty Legless Lizard Aprasia rostrata Squamata - Gekkonidae Beaked Legless Gecko; Beaked Legless Lizard Aprasia smithi Squamata - Gekkonidae Smith's Legless Gecko; Smith's Legless Lizard Wurmflossenfuß Aprasia striolata Squamata - Gekkonidae Striped Legless Gecko; Striped Legless Lizard; Striped Legless Skink (ANZ) Apterygodon Squamata - Scincidae Borneo Skinks Apterygodon vittatum Squamata - Scincidae Borneo Skink Aptycholaemos Squamata - Iguanaidae Longtail Iguanas 54 938 e 939 e 940 e 941 e 942 e 943 e 944 e 945 e d f 946 937 e Aptycholaemos longicauda Squamata - Iguanaidae Argentine Longtail Iguana; Longtailed Anole e d f Aristelliger Squamata - Gekkonidae Caribbean Geckos Aristelliger barbouri Squamata - Gekkonidae Striped Caribbean Gecko; Inagua Gecko (WI) Aristelliger cochranae Squamata - Gekkonidae Cochran's Caribbean Gecko; Navassa Gecko Aristelliger georgeensis Squamata - Gekkonidae St.

Thomas Anole; Salmon Lizard ; Barred Anole; Puerto Rican Spotted Anole 820 Anolis subocularis Squamata - Iguanaidae Pacific Anole Anolis sulcifrons Squamata - Iguanaidae Grooved Anole Anolis taylori Squamata - Iguanaidae Taylor's Anole Anolis tigrinus Squamata - Iguanaidae Tiger Anole Anolis townsendi Squamata - Iguanaidae Townsend's Anole Anolis trachyderma Squamata - Iguanaidae e e 821 e 822 e 823 e 824 e d f 825 e Roughskin Anole; Common Forest Anole Anolis transversalis Squamata - Iguanaidae Transverse Anole; Banded Tree Anole Anolis trinitatis Squamata - Iguanaidae Trinidad Anole; St.

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