New PDF release: Enchantments : magic for cards and hands

By Wesley James, Tony Dunn, Debbie Murray

ISBN-10: 0945296452

ISBN-13: 9780945296454

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5 While continuing to show the faces of the fan of Queens, have the spectator name one. Leave it face up on top of the deck while openly transferring the remaining three face-up Queens under the deck. Contrive to have the Queen of Hearts third from the face of the spread (unless it is selected, in which case the Queen of Spades should be third). This arrangement will improve the deceptiveness of a mis-show that occurs later. 6 Turn the selected Queen face down and remember its suit. Also remind the spectator of his selection.

METHOD6-Begin with the Ace on the bottom of the face-down packet. Reverse the order of the cards,simulating an Elmsley Count. During the count, in-jog the third and fourth cards, which you push off as a block (as one). Stop when you hold the last card in your right hand. Lever the card face up onto and square with the packet, showing the Ace. Form a left fourth-finger break below the jogged cards as you square the packet. Bring the right hand to the right near corner of the packet and execute my Edge-Off Block Displacement as described in Method 2, page 32.

6 Spread the packet revealing an indifferent card face up second from the top. Take the face-up card from the spread into your right hand while your left hand squares the remaining three-card spread. Perform the Olram Subtlety as in Method 1. METHOD3-An Ace is on the bottom of the face-down packet. 1 Perform an Elmsley Count, forming a fourth-finger break above the lowermost two cards in the process. Turn over two cards as one, showing the Ace apparently on top of the packet as it should be. You should retake the break as you turn the two cards face up.

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