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Both these approaches are problematic. The trouble with teleological analysis is that it encourages the perspective that the EU is either a great power or nothing at all. Tracing EU strategic culture via existing strategic cultures runs the risk of determinism. Also within these confines it is possible to approach the concept from various angles. Strategic culture can be studied as political anthropology, as sociology and as strategic studies. Each has their use and value. 72 This study will trace EU strategic culture as it unfolds, with emphasis on stated goals and strategic behaviour.

As French historian Frédéric Bozo has pointed out, France was unwilling to accept the bargain presented. Paris would not accept American dictates. 21 The United Kingdom, on the other hand, chose to perceive the relationship with the US as a community of values that would, even if it occasionally meant eating “humble pie”, make Britain’s hand stronger than asserting an independent strategic outlook would. Following Suez, it has been common to discuss the Euro-American security relationship in the context of primacy: European acceptance of American leadership of the Western bloc in return for US attentiveness to European concerns.

In order to process and order information, an analytical framework is necessary. After having sampled several possible frameworks for operationalising strategic culture I returned to Richard Tanner Johnson’s classic study of American foreign policy-making. 73 The answers to these questions not only help explain why the EU was susceptible to US pressure – they also, as we shall see in the case studies, tell us something about EU strategic culture. 2 The transatlantic bargain Introduction The poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge (1772–1834) once observed: “So often do the spirits of great events stride on before the events.

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