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By Joan Evans, Arthur Evans

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H. , on Minoan n. M. in use 236, 316, 442 — Tiryns, 202 — and under Knossos of, Town Mosaic Throne, Circus, see Bull-sports Cists, analogy of see 228 I. II. Cist-ossuaries, see Burials, silver rhyton from Mycenae, in. 89, 92 Tarazza, Terra-cotta IV. IV. 834. of movable tripod hearths from Knossos 167, 169 n. 2, 656, IV. 408, 713, 763, II. 11. Minoan type represented on City of 113 113 n. connexions of with Minoan Crete, as hieroglyphic sign, 834 on Phaestos disk, in. 99, 100 on coins of Kos and Selgg, in.

Ill. at II. Bullets, sling, 11. sling, III. ill. P. stick in, 11. sexual transformation of, iv. 21 Anatolian origins of, ill. 450, iv. 23 associated with Minoan Goddess, I. 447, 11. 678, III. 206, 207, 433, IV. , 39 S. character of, I. 2, 15, 189, 190, ill. , 225, 226-8 spectators at, iii. M. III. 208, 231 205 in Cappadocia, I. 15, 11. 259 n. 4, at Rome, introduced by Claudius, la, in Spain, iii. in Thessaly, tradition of, 227 n. 3, 228, iv. iv. ill. 229 40 229, 330, iv. 45 in bull-grappling exploits of iv.

M. n, from tholos at Siva, I. 578, 579, Tomb II. 6, 11. 127 n. 2 on tomb of King Teta, IV. n. Minoan Caria, connexions of with " — 462 — keel-vaulted 49 Carding, vessel perhaps used for, 231 128 Candlesticks, Egyptian, 4th Dynasty, 599. iii. Caravanserai, see under Knossos of, II. Candles, Minoan, fiints, 11. Caravan-routes, African, antiquity — roads from, — walls 350 11. 205 III. 755, 756, Coloured PI. 376, 886, 887 II. 5 834, 835 11. 15 n. i. 'Captain of the Blacks', on fresco fragments from House of the Frescoes at Knossos, : bead-seals, 478 ill.

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