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By Seymour Simon

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Describes the features of the planet Jupiter and its moons as printed by means of pictures despatched again by means of unmanned Voyager spaceships which took one-and-one part years to arrive this far away massive.

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Describes the features of the planet Jupiter and its moons as published by means of images despatched again by means of unmanned Voyager spaceships which took one-and-one part years to arrive this far-off monstrous.

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A distance it no high looks like a smooth, whiteish ball with mountains and few of the large craters there are on our moon. In fact, Europa may be the smoothest object in all of the Solar System. Europa's surface is is made of frozen water. This ocean of ice probably forty to sixty miles thick. Close-up pictures a network of dark streaks, three to forty miles across. show Some of the longer streaks stretch for hundreds or thousands of miles. Many dark patches also can be seen on the surface. In some places bright lines cross the darker streaks and patches.

Full sunlight. But millions of Ganymede was very hot beneath its sur- The heat caused volcanoes canic heat melted the ice and to erupt. it The vol- turned to water. The water then seeped under the surface and froze again. The surface of Ganymede is very wrinkled. The thin white lines are long, narrow hills or ridges of ice mixed with dust and rock. Dark grooves or valleys lie between the ridges. The icy ridges are a few hundred feet high, several miles wide, and hundreds of miles long. What caused the ridges?

More than any other ofJupiter's moons, Callisto is covered with large craters. Craters are holes in the ground with ring- shaped walls around them. The craters were formed when meteors, giant rocks from space, crashed into Callisto, melting the surface ice. Like rings of water made when you drop a rock in a pond, slushy waves spread for hundreds of miles and then froze fast enough for the waves to remain. The outer photograph ring of the crater in the is about fifteen hundred miles across. When the planets formed, more than four billion years ago, meteors barded the surfaces of moons.

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